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Molly Tuttle Back to Bluegrass—at Belleville Roots Oct 7th

The only Molly Tuttle album I had, When You’re Ready (2019), was lovely but not very country. So I’m delighted to learn (from Ken Irwin, at the Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival) that she’s returned to bluegrass with an all-star … Continue reading

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Alert! Stream Down This Morning (17Sep)

I’m told WHRB has had “Ethernet problems” since Thursday. But they’re “working on it.” FM in Boston is working, at any rate. /CL

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A 50-Year Sour Mash Boys Anniversary—Sunday, 18Sep22, 4–8 PM at Sally O’Brien’s in Somerville

From Larry Flint— Come help us celebrate 50 years of the Sour Mash Boys! Sunday, September 18, 4 PM – 8 PM at Sally O’Brien’s It’s 50 years this month since John Lincoln Wright began a new chapter in New … Continue reading

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The Beep, and How to Make It

Long-time listeners to Hillbilly at Harvard (HAH) will know how we have preserved older styles of music broadcasting, especially ‘top 40’ radio, with breaks after every song, and also our custom to begin and end the program on time, to … Continue reading

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No idea what happened. Power failure at transmitter? UPDATE: Broadcast air back at 1:08 PM. I was told it was a “network error” at One Financial Center (where the transmitter is). I have no further details. Web listeners had no … Continue reading

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More Home-Brewed HAH Shows

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. After we got back from our southern trip, I settled down to recording ‘Home-Brewed’ HAH hours for our current two-hour shows, amidst various family activities, so not much to report. I’m … Continue reading

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On the Air, Home-Brewed

As I type this. Kevin got it on the air in good time this morning, and it actually sounds better than it did here on my iMac—I expect the FM compression actually helps balance the levels. Listening to Michael Cleveland … Continue reading

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We’re Back!

Two weeks pre-emption over, and we’re back home on the river in Saxonville! And HAH is back on the air! Tune in! I think I heard my name!

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In Powhatan, Pre-empted for Two Weeks

Just in case you missed my earlier note, HAH is pre-empted by two Orgies®, someone named Billy Bragg this Saturday (May 7th), and part of a mammoth Schubert Orgy® next Saturday (the 14th). After that I presume we’ll be back … Continue reading

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