Paper and Pen—Open Page

UPDATE: I know that scrolling to the newest comments is a bit of a pain.   But reversing the order (so newest appear on top) makes hash out of replies.  I have broken the thread into sub-pages, so you won’t have to scroll too far.  I have also enabled ‘nesting’, for replies to comments right under them.  We’ll see how that works.

Note that you can always comment on Home Page posts, when relevant.  Just click on the headline, or the Comment link at the bottom of the post. /CL 27Feb15

This page, or series of pages, will be essentially an Open Thread, for Hillbilly at Harvard friends and neighbors.  Here’s a place for you to comment, suggest, request, opine, recollect, or just discuss the show and the music.

Why a new page?  The free WordPress does not allow the user to create posts on any pages except the Home Page (or equivalent).   So an Open Thread on the Home Page will eventually get pushed down by newer posts.  But I can allow comments on a new page (like the Country Calendar page).  With a lot of participation, it could get over-long, but then I can create a new Open Page (as I’ll call them), and keep the old one(s) for archival purposes.

Will this work?  It should, but we’ll see.  Comments will be of course be moderated, and seriously off-topic comments will be snipped, as will insults and vulgarity, though I don’t expect any here.

Have fun!  /CL 13Oct13


267 Responses to Paper and Pen—Open Page

  1. juanignacio says:

    For some reason this one came to mind – requesting: The Red Sox Song by John Lincoln Wright.

  2. says:

    Did I miss the HAH Inane Tradition of Terry Allen’s Truckload of Art before The Game today…. thought it would close the show, did you play it earlier?
    Maybe this YouTube link will have to suffice for those whose day is not complete without it

    • Oops indeed! Would you believe I totally forgot! Too much else going on in my aging head, I guess. I omitted one of our essential ‘inane traditions’ (as Sinc called them)—horrors!

      Well, listeners can follow your link (which you put instead of your name in the first comment). And I’ll have to make up for it next week.

      Thanks. Should have reminded me yesterday. /CL

  3. Listening in from my sister’s place in Phoenix AZ today – nice to hear close out with Truckload of Art, now my fall season is complete and the Met season can begin… (and all the best to David Elliot.) Looking forward to the Christmas show. -RRS.

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