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UPDATE: I know that scrolling to the newest comments is a bit of a pain.   But reversing the order (so newest appear on top) makes hash out of replies.  I have broken the thread into sub-pages, so you won’t have to scroll too far.  I have also enabled ‘nesting’, for replies to comments right under them.  We’ll see how that works.

Note that you can always comment on Home Page posts, when relevant.  Just click on the headline, or the Comment link at the bottom of the post. /CL 27Feb15

This page, or series of pages, will be essentially an Open Thread, for Hillbilly at Harvard friends and neighbors.  Here’s a place for you to comment, suggest, request, opine, recollect, or just discuss the show and the music.

Why a new page?  The free WordPress does not allow the user to create posts on any pages except the Home Page (or equivalent).   So an Open Thread on the Home Page will eventually get pushed down by newer posts.  But I can allow comments on a new page (like the Country Calendar page).  With a lot of participation, it could get over-long, but then I can create a new Open Page (as I’ll call them), and keep the old one(s) for archival purposes.

Will this work?  It should, but we’ll see.  Comments will be of course be moderated, and seriously off-topic comments will be snipped, as will insults and vulgarity, though I don’t expect any here.

Have fun!  /CL 13Oct13

280 Responses to Paper and Pen—Open Page

  1. Ed oulton says:

    Just listened to your October 6 2018 prerecorded show. Great show! Thank you! Long time listener 40+ yrs love Carter and Ralph those old time gospel songs are the best. Ps in Florida now love the web cast!

  2. juanignacio says:

    For some reason this one came to mind – requesting: The Red Sox Song by John Lincoln Wright.

  3. says:

    Did I miss the HAH Inane Tradition of Terry Allen’s Truckload of Art before The Game today…. thought it would close the show, did you play it earlier?
    Maybe this YouTube link will have to suffice for those whose day is not complete without it

    • Oops indeed! Would you believe I totally forgot! Too much else going on in my aging head, I guess. I omitted one of our essential ‘inane traditions’ (as Sinc called them)—horrors!

      Well, listeners can follow your link (which you put instead of your name in the first comment). And I’ll have to make up for it next week.

      Thanks. Should have reminded me yesterday. /CL

  4. Listening in from my sister’s place in Phoenix AZ today – nice to hear close out with Truckload of Art, now my fall season is complete and the Met season can begin… (and all the best to David Elliot.) Looking forward to the Christmas show. -RRS.

  5. Peter Ward says:

    Peter Hi-Fi Ward & Electric Blues — playing blues, swing and classic country — have a CD release party at The Lilypad in Inman Square, Cambridge, Tuesday, Feb. 12, from 7:30 to 10. $10 cover charge includes a free copy of the CD. Lilypad, 1353 Cambridge St., Cambridge, across from the S&S. (Hi Cousin Lynn. Long time listener. You have aired songs from my CD, “Goodbye Liza Jane: Hello Western Swing” featuring Herb Remington, who recently passed away.

    • Howdy Peter— Good to hear from you. Have to pull out the ‘Liza Jane’ CD. Dr Janie found a copy on the shelf here at home and was listening to it the other day. Sounded great.

      You can post the release party announcement on the Country Calendar page, too (use the Reply field there). /CL

  6. Hi, Lynn, Happy new year.

    Last-minute announcement. Maybe you can announce this on your show: Ruth Rappaport and Ben Wetherbee will be playing a set of hard-driving old-time music at The Cantab Lounge in Cambridge on Tuesday, January 8, at 8:30 p.m. Ben Truboff and Dan Klingsberg will join them. Cantab Lounge is at 738 Mass. Ave. in Central Square. Stay after the set to hear the Andy Cambria and the Cambrian Explosion. THANKS from Ruth!

  7. Ralph Tufo says:

    Hi Lynn,
    The Squeezebox Stompers will be performing for the Americana Sundays Series on March 3rd at Thunder Road in Somerville. The music runs from 7:30-10:00PM. Door charge is $5.
    [snipped: personal question]

  8. Steve Ellis says:

    I enjoy your show, though in truth I’m not a big country/western fan (the lyrics sometimes?), Today I thought you had a particularly good play list .I don’t know why it appealed to me more, but it did. Maybe the lack of church music today pleased this old agnostic. 🙂
    Thanks for having this show, I look forward to it on Saturday mornings even when you play that church stuff. Ha-ha.

    • Steve Kilbride says:

      Ever heard “Atheists Ain’t Got No Songs” by Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers? You’d love that one!

      • Steve Ellis says:

        You’re right, I loved it. Though as an agnostic I prefer “Let The Mystery Be” by Iris Dement. Ha-ha.
        Btw, having turned 73 this week, I’m not sure “I Feel That Old Age Creeping On” was encouraging, LOL. I guess it’s a sign of my age that I understood all the automobile references in the lyrics. Better “Let An Old Race Horse Run” by Del McCoury, it’s more encouraging.
        Keep up the good work.

  9. Jeff says:

    I love listening to the program on the radio on Saturday mornings. Cousin Lynn does a great job. It’s a highlight of my weekend, but I’m often left wanting more. Where I can find previous playlists or recorded programs I can stream? It would be great to be able to listen “on demand.” Thanks for the help.

    • Howdy Jeff— Hillbilly at Harvard has always been, and remains for now, ‘appointment listening’. That’s the way radio (and TV) were until the invention of home recording, and more recently the Internet and streaming. I’d like to make HAH shows permanently available on an archive of podcasts, but there are music-copyright issues that make it difficult. It may be possible to have WHRB shows (not just HAH) available for listening online for a couple of weeks after broadcast, as some other stations do. I have asked The Powers That Be to look into it, but WHRB is a student-run station with a limited budget and many other priorities, so I am not holding my breath.

      In the meantime, remember that you can always record the show! Just click on that link for my post on recording, which is still relevant. You can record directly off the air, as I do, or off the Internet, using the programs I describe in that post. Then you can play the show any time you want. I especially recommend recording for our western listeners, who otherwise have to get up early. /CL

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