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HAH (and George, of Course) Make Powerline!

Thanks to Scott Johnson and the now-venerable Powerline Blog for including links here.  Have to admit I slipped them a hint, but it’s nice to have it noticed. /CL George Jones, RIP UPDATE: Commenter James DeCamp links to an article … Continue reading

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More George

Rather than add updates to the original post, here, I’ll create a new post. There’s a nice ‘In Memorium’ in The American Spectator by Larry Thornberry, The Perfect Country Singer . . . Jones’ large and loyal fan base was … Continue reading

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George, and Eddie and Pearl

Guest Post by Steve Bartlett Back in the late 1940s—I was either in 5th or 6th grade—I discovered Eddie and Pearl, a married hillbilly duo on local radio station KRIC. Eddie had a 15-minute show about 1 PM 6 days … Continue reading

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Who Listens to HAH? Or, Hogging the Table

A friend reports that a well-known professor of economics at Harvard not only listens to HAH, the show turned up in his midterm exam.  The question begins, 1. After listening to WHRB Hillbilly at Harvard, you want to catch the … Continue reading

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“No Show Jones”

All of the obituaries on George Jones mention his two nicknames, “The Possum,” and “No Show Jones.”  Some point out that they were applied in either derision or jest, but the first certainly became a term of affection in the … Continue reading

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George Is Gone

Terrible news: George Jones has died at 81. Here are links to a few obits: Washington Post: “George Jones, legend in country music, dies at 81” Associated Press: “George Jones, country superstar, has died at 81” CNN: “George Jones dies … Continue reading

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Live Show Tomorrow—But Short

UPDATE 3: Dr Janie and I were wondering: Would insurance pay for the Watertown guy’s boat, probably riddled with bullet holes?  Usually there’s an exclusion for ‘acts of war and terrorism’ or some such.  I say, let’s start a fund … Continue reading

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Elijah Wald on HAH—Trio Opening for Del Rey, Steve James at JD’s

If you were listening Saturday, you heard Elijah and Sandrine Sheon perform a couple of old-timey tunes with clarinet (reminiscent of The Hoosier Hotshots) and Elijah’s masterful finger-picking.  Elijah also brought by a Steve James recording of “The Hadacol Boogie” … Continue reading

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Random Midweek Item: Monorail Cat

Apropos of nothing particular, daughter Sarah asks: “How many times can you watch this and still laugh hysterically? Apparently, if you’re 5, 4, or 2, the answer is about 50. ” Monorail cat makes a stop Have to admit, there … Continue reading

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Johnny Cash: “I Don’t Give Up.”

Wikipedia A friend sends an article on Johnny Cash from a surprising source: Investor’s Business Daily.  It’s under the topic heading, “Management: Leaders and Success,” so presumably it’s meant as an object lesson.  A boxed pull quote makes this clear: … Continue reading

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