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[ UPDATE 8Jan15] Contributions remain paltry, so I will continue adding some of the email calendar notices I get.  Better for you to post your own notices, though; then you’re not relying on me to remember.  Just use the Comments box at the bottom. /CL

This page is for Country Calendar on-air announcements, though visitors may like to refer to the printed items here, too.

What we’ll do is use the Comments for Calendar announcements.  I’ll print them off on the Friday before the show, and take them in with me in my red Country Calendar folder. I’ll delete the older, obsolete ones as I get around to it.

• Bullet Points: Please remember that a harried disc jockey (HDJ) programming on the fly has no time or inclination to carefully pre-read announcements.  The HDJ needs concert/show announcements clearly laid out in bullet points—please, no long paragraphs!  Some of you are prone to long disquisitions.  Refrain!

• Vitals First: If you want to give the HDJ information about the performers he might not know, save it for the end of the announcement, not for reading on the air.  Don’t make the HDJ wade through pages to get to the meat: Who, When, Where, Contact!

• Spell Out Links: Internet links for more information, tickets, or a general good time must be spelled out, so when they are printed and I read them, listeners will understand what they have to type.  You don’t need to include the http://. . . header, but a hyperlink called ‘Moe’s Club’ won’t do, either.  I need ‘’, i.e. exactly what the listener has to type in his browser.  Most modern browsers will fill in the ‘http. . .’ header.

• Phone Numbers: Please include phone numbers!  Believe it or not, not everyone who listens has or uses a computer, tablet, smart phone or other such device.

• Redundancy: You should also email me the announcements, as many of you already do, to: CousinLynn953 at Yahoo dot com.  Redundancy is good.

• Saturday is TOO LATE: And remember: Hillbilly at Harvard airs Saturday morning.  I do my show prep Friday evening.  I won’t see announcements for the coming weekend and week if they are posted or emailed after Friday.  Seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many such duds I get.

So let’s try it!

/Cousin Lynn

UPDATE: Jeff Boudreau (who in addition to Notlob, runs a Yahoo Group called NEFolk), suggests the following rule:

Third-party event notices must be authorized by producer and/or artist. Poster is responsible to communicate any date/time/location/bill changes.

In other words, if you post Country Calendar notices here, you—not I, not WHRB—are responsible for any changes, cancellations, missing or wrong information.  Thanks, Jeff!

3 Responses to Country Calendar

  1. 3rd Annual Oldtone Roots Music Festival!
    Sept 7, 8, 9, 10, 2017
    Cool Whisper Farm
    1011 County Road 21, Hillsdale, NY 12529

    Oldtone is an Old-Time music festival featuring Traditional Mountain Fiddling, Bluegrass, Early Swing, Classic Country, Brass, Cajun and Contra music. A family-friendly full camping festival with kids activities, dancing, hands-on instrument workshops led by world-class musicians, instrument and band contests, Hudson Valley farm-to-table food, libations, and exceptional national & regional acts on our main, dance, & workshop stages.

    Foghorn Stringband (Portland OR)
    The Revelers (Louisiana)
    Jesse Lege (Louisiana/Texas)
    Roochie Toochie & the Ragtime Shepherd Kings (Nashville)
    Bill and the Belles (Johnson City TN)
    Cocek! Brass Band (Boston)
    The Po’ Rambin’ Boys (Sevierville TN)
    Down Hill Stugglers (Brooklyn)
    Run Mountain (VT/MA)
    Moonshine Holler (Tyringham MA)
    Easy Rid’in Papas (Sheffield MA)
    Bear Minimum (CT/NH)
    The Feinberg Brothers (Long Island)
    Hopalong Andy (Brooklyn)
    Hilary Hawke (Brooklyn)
    Tara Linhardt (NY/VA)
    Gold Hope Duo (Oldtone 2016 Band contest winners!)

  2. From Michael Pavan—

    Please consider this low key, friendly contest and possibly go home with one of $700 in cash prizes and/or ribbons for 1st – 5th place in the four fiddle contest divisions. We’re in southeastern Massachusetts (near Cape Cod), about 70 minutes from Boston or 55 minutes from Providence.

    Saturday, August 19, 2017 1pm

    Registration by mail or at 12:30pm
    at the
    18th Annual Rochester Country Fair
    65 Pine St, Rochester MA 02770
    Friday – Sunday, August 18-20, 2016


    The rules and scoring have changed to what are more typical of most fiddle contests
    Rules and Entry Form:
    A jam follows the contest.

  3. From Larry Flint—


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