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[ UPDATE 8Jan15] Contributions remain paltry, so I will continue adding some of the email calendar notices I get.  Better for you to post your own notices, though; then you’re not relying on me to remember.  Just use the Comments box at the bottom. /CL

This page is for Country Calendar on-air announcements, though visitors may like to refer to the printed items here, too.

What we’ll do is use the Comments for Calendar announcements.  I’ll print them off on the Friday before the show, and take them in with me in my red Country Calendar folder. I’ll delete the older, obsolete ones as I get around to it.

• Bullet Points: Please remember that a harried disc jockey (HDJ) programming on the fly has no time or inclination to carefully pre-read announcements.  The HDJ needs concert/show announcements clearly laid out in bullet points—please, no long paragraphs!  Some of you are prone to long disquisitions.  Refrain!

• Vitals First: If you want to give the HDJ information about the performers he might not know, save it for the end of the announcement, not for reading on the air.  Don’t make the HDJ wade through pages to get to the meat: Who, When, Where, Contact!

• Spell Out Links: Internet links for more information, tickets, or a general good time must be spelled out, so when they are printed and I read them, listeners will understand what they have to type.  You don’t need to include the http://. . . header, but a hyperlink called ‘Moe’s Club’ won’t do, either.  I need ‘’, i.e. exactly what the listener has to type in his browser.  Most modern browsers will fill in the ‘http. . .’ header.

• Phone Numbers: Please include phone numbers!  Believe it or not, not everyone who listens has or uses a computer, tablet, smart phone or other such device.

• Redundancy: You should also email me the announcements, as many of you already do, to: CousinLynn953 at Yahoo dot com.  Redundancy is good.

• Saturday is TOO LATE: And remember: Hillbilly at Harvard airs Saturday morning.  I do my show prep Friday evening.  I won’t see announcements for the coming weekend and week if they are posted or emailed after Friday.  Seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many such duds I get.

So let’s try it!

/Cousin Lynn

UPDATE: Jeff Boudreau (who in addition to Notlob, runs a Yahoo Group called NEFolk), suggests the following rule:

Third-party event notices must be authorized by producer and/or artist. Poster is responsible to communicate any date/time/location/bill changes.

In other words, if you post Country Calendar notices here, you—not I, not WHRB—are responsible for any changes, cancellations, missing or wrong information.  Thanks, Jeff!

6 Responses to Country Calendar

  1. Received notice via email from Arts Boston: “Dolly Parton Has Written A New Holiday Tradition Coming to Boston This December”
    “Set during the 1930s in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, this incredibly heartwarming and truly unforgettable production imagines Ebenezer Scrooge as the owner of a mining company town, where his callous greed blinds him to the joys and gifts of the season. Dickens’s classic characters and Dolly Parton’s one-of-a-kind songwriting expertise are certain to make this a holiday event you’ll want to share with those you love…and one you’ll want to experience here first.”
    At Emerson Colonial Theatre, Boston, December 3-29, 2019.

    I presume more info will be posted to the Arts Boston website – – but a search there today resulted in “0 result(s) found in your search for Emerson Colonial Theatre + Dec 03, 2019 – Dec 29, 2019”

    See the poster at

    I am not involved with thus production, just passing the info along to my hillbilly friends.

  2. The Christmas Revels:
    An American Celebration of the Winter Solstice
    DECEMBER 13-29, 2019
    18 Performances – Matinees & Evenings
    Harvard University’s Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA

    Welcome Yule!

    “An American Celebration of the Winter Solstice” will feature two Old-Time duos.
    Directed by Patrick Swanson
    Megan Henderson, music director
    David Coffin
    Carolyn Saxon
    Tui (Jake Blount & Libby Weitnauer)
    Squirrel Butter
    The Crossroads Chorus
    The Rocky River Children
    Old Rag Mountain Mummers
    The Sourdough Teen Dancers
    The Cambridge Symphonic Brass Ensemble
    Pinewoods Morris Men
    Lord of the Dance
    Crankie artist Brendan Taaffe
    – and YOU!

    Website –
    Contact –

  3. Joe Carper says:

    The Grammy award-winning SteelDrivers are playing the Belleville Roots Music Series in Newburyport, MA on November 9. Concert at 8pm; doors open at 7pm. All seats general admission. For tickets and more info, visit

  4. From Edmond Boudreau—

    Hi Lynn, The Country Masters are hosting a Jamboree this Sunday Nov.3rd. from 2 – 6 pm at The French American Victory Club, 193 Elm St. Waltham 781-899-8195 Admission $8. to benefit the scholarship fund. Come see us and enjoy the afternoon. Thanks.

  5. Hi, Lynn,
    Here’s a gig announcement!

    Ben Wetherbee, Ruth Rappaport, Victor Furtado, and Dan Bui are playing some good old old-time music at the Turtle Swamp Brewing Company, 4228 Washington Street, in Roslindale, on Friday, November 8. The show begins at 7:30 but come at 6:30 for a jam session. Call the brewery at (617) 522-0038 for details.


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