Running Late—But This Is Not 38—

Nor Old 97, either (read on).

It’s been a bit of rough week, what with a touch of the CCP Virus on top of dental surgery (preparation for a couple of implants, which has left me with a sore mouth and jaw for a week). And today it’s pouring rain, making a racket in the downspout outside the window of my home studio. But I’ll make up time, not by pouring on the coal but by going back and getting a substitute engine.

Some of you will recall last August 20th, when the Hillbilly broadcast was suddenly interrupted at 9:35 AM by dead air—a malfunction at One Financial Center had taken our transmitter off the air. Turns out the Internet stream continued apace, so stream listeners were able to hear the whole show, but the local FM listeners were left “alone and forsaken” (to quote Hank Williams).

So I’ll re-run that two-hour home-brewed show, which will be mostly new to many of you, and maybe even to Internet listeners who had better things to do on a sunny August Saturday.

And of course you got the reference to ‘The Wreck of Old 97′, and the ironic reference to ’38’, which wrecked just six months before the more celebrated 97, on the same road, near Lynchburg.

Here’s the song, sung by the great Hank Snow:

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2 Responses to Running Late—But This Is Not 38—

  1. Cindy says:

    Thanks Cousin Lynn for keeping Hillbilly alive and well! Hope you will be feeling better real soon. Take care of yourself.

  2. Tracy O'Connell says:

    Glad you’re not hoppin’ the tracks like the 38! Hope you feel better soon, Lynn!

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