Oops! Preempted Tomorrow (Dec 3rd), Back Next Saturday

Just Tuesday this week I learned that HAH was going to be preempted for the next three Saturdays, for WHRB’s semi-annual Orgy® Period. However, Orgy® Director Ezra was kindly able to rearrange the schedule so we’ll just lose this one Saturday, and HAH will be back on the 10th.

Not much to add. I hope all of our American listeners had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We were treated with all three of our kids in the house (with two of their spouses), along with all ten grandkids (ages 6 months to 15 years), and (of course) “All nine kinds of pies that Harold liked best” (see HERE); actually, this year there were ten!

So enjoy a ‘Blues Roadtrip’ in lieu of HAH, and keep listening for two more weeks of entertaining and unusual Orgies®, including the bluegrass phenom Billy Strings (Sunday, Dec 4, 5:30 AM – 9:00 AM), and ‘The Kissing Orgy’ (Monday, Dec 12th, 1:30 AM – 12 noon). Complete schedule HERE.

Stick around, stay a little longer!

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