HA’pennings: Kim Robins, “40 Years Late”

I’ve been planning to start posting some record reviews and other news, but “The best laid plans. . .” go their own way.  In lieu of those, I’m starting what I hope can be a regular feature, “HA’pennings”: brief notes on recordings and other items that cross the broadcast board.  Listeners will note that I have mentioned some on the show, sometimes more than once.

Kim Robins, 40 Years Late, (Forty Years Late Music), 2012.  Kim was at her own booth in the Trade Show at the IBMA World of Bluegrass in Raleigh.  I traded a card for a copy of this CD, and am glad I did.  Kim is a strong singer and a darned good songwriter.  She grew up in a musical family, playing with her dad’s country band from the age of 5, got derailed from a musical career when “life happened,” and finally got back to it at age 40 (hence the title song).  Kim is backed up by some fine studio pickers, including the always-amazing Michael Cleveland, and a true banjo master prominent a few years ago, Butch Robins (to whom Kim was married briefly; Forty Years Late is also the title of a Butch Robins album!).  Kim cites Bill Monroe and Connie Smith as her childhood influences, and you can hear both in this excellent collection of mostly original songs: It’s really “Country music, bluegrass style,” as we say on HAH.  Go to www.kimrobins.com where I found this autobiographical video:



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2 Responses to HA’pennings: Kim Robins, “40 Years Late”

  1. Rachel says:

    Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed the video. I have been following Butch Robins on Facebook and he is playing regularly in Virginia and also posting some nifty older photos and videos. I had met him in the late 70s. With the internet, we never know who is going to reappear in our lives.

  2. Kim Robins says:

    Thank you Lynn for writing this review. It was a pleasure to meet you in Raleigh and I look forward to our paths crossing again someday.

    Kim Robins

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