Hillbilly Home Recordings Continue. . .

“No news is no news,” Sinc used to say, taking off on the old “No news is good news” line. I really have none, but it was a frustratin’ day, when after I successfully completed HHR hour no. 8 this morning, I realized that I had recorded the wrong cut at the end, and foolishly tried to cut in the correct one. The Studio One 5 software I’m recording with unaccountably wrote over two earlier tracks, leaving me hopelessly bereft with bits and pieces of a recording.

Bits and Pieces of HHR No. 8, Exported to Audacity to Put Together

It’s a poor workman who blames his tools. I’m sure that the Studio One 5 software is powerful and useful stuff, but for simple two-track recording and editing for someone who learned on analogue reel-to-reel machines, software aimed at multi-track recording of live bands, its talk of ‘Events’ and ‘Loops’ is way over my head. The free Audacity is more my speed, as it combines simple computer techniques with basic analogue visuals. But Audacity doesn’t like the music and voice output from the Allen and Heath mixer I’m using, so that’s why I’m recording in an unfamiliar world.

But enough complaining; I’ve got today’s hour fixed in Audacity, using my old friends Copy and Paste, missing out on the Spring weather this afternoon while Dr Janie got our 2013 Casita travel trailer ready for prospective customers this weekend. We’re getting a larger, 2019 Escape 21C trailer, also a molded-fiberglass camper (see my post on how our Casita got its name, HERE). So we’ll be heading down to Union, Kentucky next month to pick up the Escape, and then we’ll probably do a little traveling before heading back home. So my plan is to get enough HHR and Archival hours in the can before we leave, so we can keep HAH going in this limited way. No doubt I’ll get faster at it; I’d better.

We need some entertainment. Something about computers. Like this, from Brad:

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2 Responses to Hillbilly Home Recordings Continue. . .

  1. NateD says:

    Is there a way to get the set list from this past Saturday’s (3/19/22) show?! Thanks!

  2. The post ‘Why No Spinitron’ is still (more or less) relevant. See HERE.

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