Home-Brewed, Archived, Pre-empted

I’m continuing tomorrow with the current spate of home-brewed Hillbilly Home Recordings, two-hour shows that I’m recording here at home. Listeners tell me they don’t sound too awful, and I am getting better at manipulating this little mixer.

Next week, for Saturday the 16th of April, I’ve edited an Archival HAH from March 29th, 1986. That was Easter weekend in 1986, so appropriate for Easter this year. Sinc and I played a few songs for the occasion, including a couple that will surprise you, courtesy of Gordie Brown. Unfortunately, I’ve had to chop off the last hour of what was then a three-hour show.

Then for the 23rd and 30th of April, we’ll have some more Home-Brewed shows (I like ‘home-brewed’ better than ‘home-made’), assuming the computer at WHRB and its operators can get the programs to run on time—we’ve had some problems recently, as you’ve doubtless noticed. On the first two Saturdays in May we’re being pre-empted by Orgies®; I don’t know which, as the schedule hasn’t been published yet. By May 21st, we should be back in town, so HAH will resume.

I should thank Ken Ward, down in Memphis, who hosts a country show on WEVL and sent me a hard drive full of songs. He writes,

My show is called “Back to the Country” and it airs Thursdays noon-2 central. There’s a live stream at www.wevl.org, and the two most recent shows are archived here: https://spinitron.com/WEVL/show/220741/Back-To-The-Country

We’re leaving Monday for Union, Kentucky to pick up our new-to-us 2019 Escape 21C molded fiberglass trailer, and then heading to Huntsville, Alabama to visit the Space Museum there. Unfortunately we’ll miss Memphis and Nashville this trip. Check out Ken’s show for more good country music.

From Huntsville it’s off to the North Woods of Georgia, where we’re hoping to catch the free weekend old-timey ‘Bear on the Square’ festival in a place called Dahlonega. Plan then is to head to Charleston, South Carolina, which some say is the most beautiful city in America, and thence up to coast to daughter Sarah’s family in Virginia.

What does the future hold? We’ll see when we get back to New England. In the meantime, we may get close to Chattanooga, with the late, great Dave Evans:

UPDATE 9Apr, 10:20 AM: For some reason the first Home-Brewed HAH has run today, not the program I specified. Oh well: maybe some of you missed it the first time it ran, some weeks ago. Good tunes, at any rate! /CL

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