Lincoln and ‘Acoustic Pals’ Live in 1992!


If you heard the Archival show from Halloween Day in 1992 with the Lynn Morris Band in Studio A, you will remember John Lincoln Wright talking about his upcoming 20th-Anniversary Jamboree the next weekend. Lincoln also promised to come play live on Hillbilly at Harvard with some members of his Sourmash Boys. And so he did. It was November 7th, 1992.

Lincoln called them the ‘Acoustic Pals’; they were Chuck Parrish and Matt Leavenworth on guitars, plus Tom Miller on bass. I’m not sure why Matt didn’t play fiddle, but the low-key trio gave Lincoln a nice opportunity to focus on singing rather than band-leading, and the two virtuoso guitars provide an elegant accompaniment. My only regret is the set is only about half an hour. It was not very often we managed to get Lincoln singing live on the air.

Of course Lincoln and Tom Miller, and Old Sinc, are no longer with us, which makes this recording all the more poignant for me, and I assume for many of you who’ve been listening all these years.

Tune in early; as we’re confined to a two-hour slot, I chopped off the first hour and a half (the original was 3.5 hours) and Lincoln’s set will be in the first hour of this Archival show. Plenty of good tunes and some of our usual tomfoolery in the rest, of course. /CL

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2 Responses to Lincoln and ‘Acoustic Pals’ Live in 1992!

  1. Cindy says:

    Looking forward to it Cousin Lynn! Also, at this time, I want to wish you and yours a very Happy, Healthy and Blessed Thanksgiving Holiday!

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