More Hillbilly Home Recordings. . .

I have to apologize for the long periods of ‘dead air’, as we say in radio jargon, during last week’s show. I can’t explain it, except to say there was some problem getting the files I upload to the computer at WHRB onto the air. Thankfully, HAH was allowed to run over to make up for the lost minutes. It should work better this week. Thanks to everyone who persevered to catch the full two hours.

I’ve got two new hours of HHR for this week. I was able to get a new dual CD player, thanks to quick delivery from an outfit called ‘Dual’ means it’s really two CD players (not recorders) in one, side by side, with identical controls. They are really DJ-friendly, playing single (versus continuous) tracks if you want, showing time remaining (not just elapsed), and offering accurate (to the tenth of a second) cue start. You may not need these features, but I really do. It makes life much easier!

This gizmo comes in two parts, intended for rack-mounting. I don’t have a rack, so I just screwed the two onto a couple of 2×4 pieces, and there she sits (the arms belong to an ancient Griffin laptop stand, which fits nicely onto the bottom part).

Of course these players are aimed at club DJs, who like to change pitches, loop tunes, and play other audio games of which I am totally ignorant, sorta like the knobby mixer I’m using in lieu of a proper broadcast board. But that’s OK; I can play radio guy with this setup. With a little practice, I might get good at it.

Not that these technical matters are of any importance to you, but it’s fun to get some new hours on the air. With any luck, we can keep Hillbilly at Harvard going for a while yet. When I got exiled, I brought all the CDs I had on my regular cart home. That’s only a small proportion of the Hillbilly library at WHRB, but I’ve also got a fat shelf full of ‘to-be-listened-to-and-rated’ CDs, which will be plenty for a while.

Tune in tomorrow, and let me know what you think. I’m trying to come up with something radio-topical, and of course this came to mind: Alan Jackson’s ‘Three Minute Positive Not Too Country Up-Tempo Love Song’—

Yeah, timing is everything. /CL

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3 Responses to More Hillbilly Home Recordings. . .

  1. Byron says:


  2. Cindy says:

    Thanks Cousin Lynn. It sure was good to hear you almost “live” again. Don’t apologize for the dead air. I hung in there and am sure many of your loyal supporters did the same. We are grateful for your time and effort. Looking forward to this mornings broadcast! Have a great day.

  3. M. Rhinehart says:

    I inherited a LOT of CDs from a fellow that passed a few years ago. He subscribed to one of those album month clubs. Even though there are tons of songs I’d love to keep for myself, I don’t really need all these CDs. I know this is kinda vague as to what I actually have, but I thought I’d generally throw it out to see what you thought. I can get more specific and/or take pics if you’d like.

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