Why No Spinitron?

John in Pembroke emailed to ask about a couple of tunes aired yesterday, Tommy Jackson’s “Mississippi Sawyer” and The Burns Brothers’s (a.k.a. Run C&W) “Itchy Twitchy Spot.”  The latter is a great send-up of “Achy Breaky Heart”—remember that?  A tip of the hat to Daniel in Plainville for sending a CD reissue (on BGO Records from the UK) of the two Run C&W LPs; I had completely forgotten about that “Rhythm and Bluegrass” adventure by Russell Smith and friends.

John mentioned that he had searched in Spinitron (that’s at Spinitron.com, also on the WHRB website at WHRB.org) for the HAH playlist.  So I must tell you that HAH is not on Spinitron. Why? Because I program the show on the fly, and I just can’t find the time to enter stuff on the computer and still figure out what I’m going to play next.

So, friends and neighbors, you’re just going to have to pay close attention and listen to the breaks between songs.  Unlike most of the programs on FM radio, at HAH we have always stuck to the old AM ‘top 40’ format; we break after every track, so you won’t have to wait for 10 songs and and discover you missed a long set list, or even if you hear the list, find yourself saying, “Now which one was that?”

Yes, I could go back and listen to my aircheck of the show, and enter everything in Spinitron.  But, believe it or not, I’ve got other things to do.  /CL

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