HA’pennings: Bruce Millard and Wayworn Travelers Coming By

Wayworn TravelersOld friend Bruce Millard (Hokum’s Heroes) has put together a new band focusing on music of The Carter Family.  They’re playing at Club Passim Thursday, 6Aug15.  Bruce will be bringing some members of the band to HAH this Saturday (1Aug15), about noon.  I’m looking forward to hearing them.  Bruce is long an exponent of old-time country, blues, and the roots we love, so I expect good things.

The impressionistic photo of the band (above) is neat; details in the picture below (is that Lowell House?)/CL

Wayworn Travelers showUPDATE: That was a fun, impromptu session, with Bruce sitting next to me, Elijah perched on the countertop behind with an autoharp (the first on WHRB?), and Anita somehow squeezed between Bruce and the counter.  Despite the small space and the overly-warm studio, they sounded great, and I heard compliments about Anita’s clear, delightful vocals.  Hope they keep gigging, and hope they come back to HAH soon. /CL

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