Comments? Suggestions? Requests? Use the Paper and Pen Open Page!

Have requests?  Comments?  Suggestions?  Post them on the Paper and Pen page.  To comment on the Pen and Paper page, go to that page (click on the Pen and Paper menu heading, below the picture of the studio at top), scroll down to the end of the Comments.  You can, of course, also post relevant comments under any individual post.

NOTE: All content in this weblog, except where indicated, is entirely my own, and not that of WHRB or Harvard University.  See the About page for more information. /CL

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1 Response to Comments? Suggestions? Requests? Use the Paper and Pen Open Page!

  1. Steve Bartlett says:

    Hi, Lynn,

    Is there any way you can invert the post order so that the newest post will be at the top?
    Then we won’t have to scroll down the ever-lengthening column of posts to reach the new ones.

    Steve Bartlett

    [Howdy Steve— I’m looking into it. I think it is possible to reverse the comment order, but I need to find out if I can confine it to this page, and not all pages. WordPress can be somewhat inflexible. Of course, in reverse-chronological order, replies will be on top, which some will find confusing. Another alternative is to continue the comments on a new page. I get back to you on the options. If anyone else has preferences, or ideas, feel free to comment.

    I should point out that on my Mac you can click at the bottom of the vertical scroll bar and leap right to the bottom of the page. Not sure if you can do this in Windows. /CL]

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