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Billy Joe Shaver Lives Forever

Some years ago when Billy Joe Shaver was in town, Steve Morse, then of The Boston Globe, described him as “an American original.” I don’t know whether Steve invented the phrase; it has become so commonplace of late it sounds … Continue reading

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Another Songwriter Gone: Guy Clark (1941–2016)

Guy Clark was a crusty fellow with a laconic Texas reticence, which belied a whimsy that comes out in some of his songs, like “Too Much,” Too much workin’ll make your back ache Too much trouble’ll bring you a heartbreak … Continue reading

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“No Show Jones”

All of the obituaries on George Jones mention his two nicknames, “The Possum,” and “No Show Jones.”  Some point out that they were applied in either derision or jest, but the first certainly became a term of affection in the … Continue reading

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