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UPDATE: I know that scrolling to the newest comments is a bit of a pain.   But reversing the order (so newest appear on top) makes hash out of replies.  I have broken the thread into sub-pages, so you won’t have to scroll too far.  I have also enabled ‘nesting’, for replies to comments right under them.  We’ll see how that works.

Note that you can always comment on Home Page posts, when relevant.  Just click on the headline, or the Comment link at the bottom of the post. /CL 27Feb15

This page, or series of pages, will be essentially an Open Thread, for Hillbilly at Harvard friends and neighbors.  Here’s a place for you to comment, suggest, request, opine, recollect, or just discuss the show and the music.

Why a new page?  The free WordPress does not allow the user to create posts on any pages except the Home Page (or equivalent).   So an Open Thread on the Home Page will eventually get pushed down by newer posts.  But I can allow comments on a new page (like the Country Calendar page).  With a lot of participation, it could get over-long, but then I can create a new Open Page (as I’ll call them), and keep the old one(s) for archival purposes.

Will this work?  It should, but we’ll see.  Comments will be of course be moderated, and seriously off-topic comments will be snipped, as will insults and vulgarity, though I don’t expect any here.

Have fun!  /CL 13Oct13

517 Responses to Paper and Pen—Open Page

  1. notlobmusic says:

    Born this day in 1933, Dr. Willie Nelson!

    [Thanks, Jeff, for the notice and the link. Was that at Panther Hall? We have the live LP at WHRB. But. . . “Dr.”?
    Yep. A quick search reveals that the Berklee College of Music gave Willie an honarary doctorate just last year. See HERE.]

  2. notlobmusic says:

    Remembering Clarence Eugene “Hank” Snow (May 9, 1914 – December 20, 1999). Born in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia.

  3. Ralph Tufo says:

    Squeezebox CD Update
    You’re all invited to the Squeezebox Stompers CD(“Roots and Branches”) Release Party on 5/16 at the Ship Restaurant ( Pirate’s Cove Function Room) on Rte. 1 South(24 Broadway) in Lynnfield, MA 781-584-8286. Doors open at 6:30PM; music at 7:30PM. No cover charge. Cash bar and Cajun food buffet available for purchase. There will be a whole lotta shakin’ going on! Let the Bon Temps Rouler!
    Rockin’ Ralph

    Our new CD ”Roots and Branches” is now available for purchase at and Digital downloads can be made on and Just put in Squeezebox Stompers in the search box. Our new website design (6/1) will have some added features including ordering the CD’s directly from our website, new photos, videos, and a band blog. The CD is currently being played on several radio stations featuring: folk, roots, blues, and Cajun/Zydeco music. Several tracks from the CD can be heard on and Check out our new video on youtube: “ The Squeezebox Stompers- Jamabalaya.”

  4. notlobmusic says:

    From “Saving Country Music”
    “No, this will not be some small budget, made for TV half-baked production. This will be THE film of the life of Hank Williams, and could present his music to an entirely new generation. HUGE HUGE news.”

  5. Steve Bartlett says:

    Re: The Cat Came Back

    While I was on the phone with you this morning, Lee Moore’s “The Cat Came Back” was playing.

    I first heard that song back in the 50’s, hearing Slim Clark sing it on his daily, noontime radio show from WABI in Bangor. The station came in pretty well in Barnstable, over the water.

    I learned and played the song, and a friend’s mother (originally from Germany), who played guitar, learned it from me. She was also a Brownie troop leader and taught it to her girls.

    Long story short, there are probably a lot of former Brownies from Cape Cod, scattered here and there, who remember “The Cat Came Back,” courtesy of Hannah Drott, by way of me, plus Slim Clarke, Doc Williams, Lee Moore, and the other WWVA performers who all did that song.

    I was also a WWVA fan, hearing the Wheeling Jamboree every Saturday night in Barnstable. I could not get the station in Texas as the same frequency was used by KVOO in Tulsa, Okla, IIRC.

    The last time I heard WWVA was in 1967, briefly, just long enough to hear Walter Bailes (the Bailes Brothers) with his Walter Bailes Singers. And that is the last time I heard Walter in a live performance.

    Steve Bartlett

  6. Steve Bartlett says:

    [Note: This comment refers to my post on “How to Record” HAH. In case you haven’t looked at the Home Page, it’s here. /CL]

    More on Recording HAH:

    I use Winamp, a free download program, to listen to the HAH stream.

    It is extremely stable and does not hiccup or hesitate when I use the computer for other, simultaneous activities. However, if the stream is interrupted, Winamp in its natural state will not restart the stream. If it stops, it stays stopped.

    I found this extremely frustrating, as it usually happened, per Murphy’s Law, when I had to leave the house.

    Searching the web last year, I found The Silence Detector, a third-party plugin, that runs in Winamp and will restart the stream after a brief gap. It works well. Its only drawback, it it is such, is that if I hit the Winamp stop button, the play will always resume after the timeout. I don’t consider that to be a fatal flaw…

    You can check it out at

    Incidentally, Total Recorder easily starts itself, Winamp, and the web stream when recording by its timer function. All you have to do is set it up and have your computer running.

    Steve Bartlett

  7. Steve emails me to say that WordPress apparently stripped the URL he included. That’s odd, as other comments with links have come through. In any case, here’s the link to The Silence Detector:

    Thanks for that tip, Steve!

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  9. notlobmusic says:

    via In the Tradition with Jeff Boudreau
    Johnnie Bailes, born this day in 1918 in West Virginia, d. 21 December 1989, Swainsboro, Georgia

  10. See Steve B’s comment above, where he mentions Walter Bailes. /CL

  11. notlobmusic says:

    “According to Gatlin, “limousine Leer jet liberals” formed a coalition with “low-information voters” to elect a “doofus” named Barack Obama.
    “He told us that he hated America,” the country music star insisted. “In defense of low-information voters, I knew one. Little half-breed Cherokee Indian — yes, that’s Cherokee Indian for you Florida State Seminoles and Washington Redskins.”
    At that point, Gatlin paused to demonstrate Florida State’s tomahawk chop “war chant.”
    “She was very wise, though,” he said. “She said if a child acts badly, if a child is naughty, slap the grandmother. Because, see, that means the grandmother didn’t teach mother, and the mother didn’t teach the child. By the way, that was my grandmother.”
    “Here’s what we have, we have old hippies from the ’60s, Bill and Hillary [Clinton], ruling our country, not governing our country,” Gatlin continued, arguing that liberals were upset when the country took military action because “they don’t believe there is a right or wrong.”
    “They blame America, they blame Bush, they wrap their robes of self-righteousness around them, get in their Leer jets, and take off, and they’re still mad at me,” he quipped. “Love it or get out of my face!”
    “The liberals, they’ll sing ‘Kumbaya’ but they won’t stand up and sing the Marine Corps Hymn!” Gatlin exclaimed, adding that President Obama did not know how to pronounce “Marine Corps.”
    “Who elected this doofus anyway?” he asked. “The liberals and the low-information voters.””
    Watch the video below from Fox News’ Fox & Friends, broadcast June 29, 2014.

    [So, Jeff— Did you post this because you agree with Larry Gatlin, or because you assume HAH listeners will disagree, or maybe find his “half-breed Cherokee” characterization of his grandmother reprehensible? If the latter, you may be surprised to discover that many like what he has to say. Here’s another interview with Larry Gatlin, also on Fox, from a year ago: ]

  12. notlobmusic says:

    “This blog recently ran down the “10 Biggest Douchebags in Country Music.” That’s all well and good, but it only tells half the story – country is far from a moribund, cheesed-out genre.
    In fact, there are countless up-and-coming country craftsmen and women who are worthy of your attention. So if you’re wearing out your lone Johnny Cash record, you’re doing it wrong. Here are 10 of 2014’s top outlaws…”
    [LANGUAGE WARNING: The linked LAWEEKLY blog post and especially the one referred to in the quote contain offensive language (besides sounding like an adolescent trying too hard to be hip). /CL]

  13. Re “10 Country Artists You Should Be Listening To,” in Jeff’s comment above: I don’t go out of my way to read the LA Times or its blogs, nor to keep track of all the new country or quasi-country acts popping up unannounced, like dandelions in my yard. If they send CDs to WHRB, I make an attempt to listen, especially if they’re touring in the area, and I’ll pull out the tracks that bear some relation to “three chords and the truth,” not just the lyrical truth, but the musical truth, as I see it.

    Since most of these ten aren’t getting played on commercial ‘country radio’, if they’ve got any sense and want some airplay, they’ll send CDs. The only one I’ve seen is from Shovels and Rope, an impressive and compelling duo, but not really country. If you know any of these folks, tell them about HAH. You’ll be doing them a favor: our listeners actually pay attention, and they buy music. /CL

  14. notlobmusic says:

    I am not one to post willy nilly, this came on the recommendation of Cousin Kate who in Facebook had stated she had played 9 of the 10 artists mentioned, and the only reason she had not played the 10th was she had not received their CD yet.

  15. More power to Kate (that’s Cousin Kate, on WZBC-FM, 90.3, Sundays 10 AM – 2 PM Eastern, streaming at; she works hard at developing contacts in the music world, and it pays off. She also has a much broader definition of ‘country’ than I do. /CL

  16. Cousin Fran says:

    Dear Lynn,


    being in or belonging to the heaven of divine beings; heavenly, celestial, or divine.
    lofty; of more than earthly or human excellence, powers, etc.
    being on high or in the sky or visible heavens.
    1475–85; < Middle French < Latin supern ( us ) upper + -ālis -al

    [Thanks Fran. For those who might have missed it, I wondered about the meaning of ‘supernal’, which in my (admittedly limited) ken turns up only in gospel songs. I figured it was as you defined. /CL]

  17. lgpiper says:

    Hi Cousin Lynn, sad to say, I’ve not been able to listen to you much of late. We’ve had “medical issues” in our household. Today was a nice change. I got to drive out to Williamstown again to visit with my 105-year old mother. I suppose I should feel blessed that the traffic on 495 was so bad that it took over 2 hours before I got to the point where you all’s signal craps out (just before Leominster). Normally, it’s less than an hour to that place.

    Whatever, I particularly liked the version of “Green Pastures” that you played (it had Allison Krauss in it). I first grew to love that song when I heard Southern Rail sing it. For a number of years I threatened to sing it in church on Labor Day Sunday when no one was around to cringe, but have yet to do that song. It really needs a high tenor, and that’s tough to pull off in a solo gig. Or perhaps I could just sing the high tenor and see if the few dozing people noticed.

    I also loved the Iris Dement song (“Let the Mystery Be”). At some time in the past year you made a statement to the effect that no one could ever get too much of George Jones. I’m sort of thinking Iris Dement might be added along side Ol’ George. I got rather fond of Iris back in the good old days when Dick Pleasants was on WGBH in the afternoons and I was around to listen.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your continued good taste and continued good nature.

  18. Howdy LG— Sorry to hear about your “medical issues” (when did ‘issues’ become a substitute for ‘problems’?), but glad you got out to Williamstown to see your mother. The “(Going Up Home to Live in) Green Pastures” was from the new Larry Sparks 50th-anniversary album on Rebel, with Allison and Judy Marshall alternating verses with Larry—beautiful job, I thought.

    Iris is always compelling, but I have say I found her latest album so depressing as to be almost un-listenable. Others have different views; as they say on tech sites, ‘YMMV’.

    Thanks for the kind words. Remember you can record HAH (and anything else you want) off the radio or the Internet. See here. /CL

  19. notlobmusic says:

    Ralph Stanley Elected To American Academy Of Arts & Sciences
    “Recognized as the leading exponent of traditional Appalachian music and a founding father of bluegrass, Stanley has spread his sound around the world during his 68 years of touring and recording.”
    The academy is in Cambridge, I am thinking we who live nearby should produce some kind of a tribute on his induction day (October 11). Ideas? Maybe a cadre of banjos lining the driveway? OK, that’s lame, suggest better.
    [Is Ralph coming to Cambridge to receive the award? It’s on a Saturday. Hmm. . . /CL]

  20. Gordon Brown says:

    [Snipped. This comment basically repeats the complaint Gordy sent by email, which I quoted and responded to in a post yesterday evening. See /CL]

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