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UPDATE: I know that scrolling to the newest comments is a bit of a pain.   But reversing the order (so newest appear on top) makes hash out of replies.  I have broken the thread into sub-pages, so you won’t have to scroll too far.  I have also enabled ‘nesting’, for replies to comments right under them.  We’ll see how that works.

Note that you can always comment on Home Page posts, when relevant.  Just click on the headline, or the Comment link at the bottom of the post. /CL 27Feb15

This page, or series of pages, will be essentially an Open Thread, for Hillbilly at Harvard friends and neighbors.  Here’s a place for you to comment, suggest, request, opine, recollect, or just discuss the show and the music.

Why a new page?  The free WordPress does not allow the user to create posts on any pages except the Home Page (or equivalent).   So an Open Thread on the Home Page will eventually get pushed down by newer posts.  But I can allow comments on a new page (like the Country Calendar page).  With a lot of participation, it could get over-long, but then I can create a new Open Page (as I’ll call them), and keep the old one(s) for archival purposes.

Will this work?  It should, but we’ll see.  Comments will be of course be moderated, and seriously off-topic comments will be snipped, as will insults and vulgarity, though I don’t expect any here.

Have fun!  /CL 13Oct13

488 Responses to Paper and Pen—Open Page

  1. Steve Bartlett says:

    Ol’ Sinc and Cousin Dave must still be spinning…

  2. Diane Keenan says:

    Hi Cousin Lynn, I called the station during the broadcast wondering if you were okay. The person answering and playing the music said there was a problem with the remote (from your location?) I’m sure the streaming was okay. The program was fine. It’ll be good to hear your voice again soon. Diane

  3. Benjamin Lincoln Wright (no sour mash boys) says:

    Missing cousin Lynn up in Vermont, need my saturday morning hillbilly! Damn you Harvard!

    • Cindy says:

      Ben – are you related to John Lincoln? I miss him so dearly. He was such a dear friend of mine. Many great memories of going to see him perform around Boston/Massachusetts!

    • Roderick J Holland says:

      Listened for awhile today. Some of it was perfectly respectable string band music. Then the programming drifted into a hootenanny. Oh well… The kids are learning, but the current mix seems to be more Harvard and less Hillbilly. Wishing sanity and Cousin Lynn return at their earliest convenience.


      • M Rhinehart says:

        That was about the way I handled it too. I may be hung in there for an hour. She started off just o.k. but quickly devolved. It would have been nice if she had listened to a show or two in order to have understood what kind of music was actually played.
        The good news is that that was week 4. We should be back to normal next week!

  4. Note to all those wondering about the past few Saturdays: I explain all in the post ‘Willie, John T, and Me’. /CL

  5. Ted Smith says:

    Saturday is not the same without ‘Hillbilly at Harvard’ I hope this won’t be Harvard’s way of ending it.

  6. M. Rhinehart says:

    Rebroadcasts would be fine. Anything at this point.

  7. Roderick J Holland says:

    Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra didn’t scratch the Country itch?

  8. Elaine Braun-Keller says:

    Missed the Christmas show so much this year. So I hunted around and found an old air check that we made of HaH Christmas extravaganza from 1997. Its on a cassette so we can still listen to it! So nice to hear Old Sinc as well

  9. Cindy says:

    I want to take this time to wish Cousin Lynn a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Safe 2021!

  10. Stephen Brayton says:

    Hi Cousin Lynn,
    Anyway to slip this into the recording?

  11. Clinton _Street_Matters says:

    Dear C. L. —

    I’m sure there’s an update somewhere — can you return to broadcasting now that the College is quiet? Even for 3-4 weeks?

    Best wishes,

    ~ Heather

  12. Cindy says:

    So glad you are back Cousin Lynn — even though pre-recorded. Thanks for the Lincoln songs during today’s broadcast. I sure do miss him so much!! Sorry to hear the broadcasts will be shortened starting today, but looking forward to your return (hopefully in May) and the new programming following HAH!

  13. Ed Oulton says:

    Long time listener from Woburn. I go back to Pappy Ben. The Stanley Bros Earl and Jim and Jessey were new WWVA featured The Osborne Bros Wayne Ranny was hard to get om radio but the closest thing to that golden era is Hilbilly at Harvard’ Your taped shows are awesome. Live shows are still good but the taped shows are much better to my old ears. Thank you Lynn for your fine work’ Without you we would not know Haskel McCormack, Melvin and Ray Goins The Voice
    Love this old music “Thank you Lynn” I live inTampa so thanks to the web I still stay in touch

  14. Since I’m not doing Country Calendar announcements these days, I’ll pass along this notice and request. /CL


    My daughters band has entered the ROMP bluegrass competition in Owensboro KY They are a teenage band from Bedford and Lexington called Stoneface Mountain. You may have seen them play last year at Joe Val.
    I was hoping you could help us get the word out to vote for them each day until March 14th. Currently they are in 3rd out of 25 bands. Here is a link to the voting page.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Jerry Mendenhall

  15. Ralph B. Seymour says:

    10 April 2021

    Dear, Cousin Lynn,

    The only suggestion I might have is to preserve and archive your shows— just like WSM does with the Opry.

    Why Harvard fails to do this is beyond me. As an example, WBGO does this and I use it often.

    Thank you for keeping the show going.

    Ralph Seymour

    • Howdy Ralph— Sorry for the late reply, but I was checking with The Powers That Be. All that I can report is that a two-week archive (as other stations offer) is possible, but not until WHRB is back in full operation and able to address both legal and technical requirements, i.e. probably not before next year. For the record, I agree with you!

      In the meantime, let me remind you (and everyone else) that you can record HAH when it airs, and then play it back any time you want. See my post HERE. /CL

  16. Clinton _Street_Matters says:

    Saturday’s (10th April) taped show was terrific, Cousin Lynn. I just get weepy over the old beauties.

    Hope we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. As We know, Harvard starts re-opening in August.

    Carry on!

    ~ Heather

    • Thanks, Heather— Glad you are enjoying the recorded hours. I’m told by TPTB (see my reply to Ralph Seymour above) that it might be September, not August, before I’m allowed back in the studio. In the meantime, I’m going to try editing more old airchecks and maybe recording some hours here at home as well. Stay tuned! /CL

      • Clinton _Street_Matters says:

        Hi C/L —

        Office of the General Counsel should have big enough brains to
        work out the niceties, intellectual property and rights & permissions-wise, but things tend to fall to the bottom of their list, so we’ll have to cross fingers.

        Six months ago, it seemed like spring would never get here, so I’m going to remain calm and wait till fall.

        Stay well!

        ~ Heather

      • Harvard hosts WHRB but does not provide legal services, as Harvard Radio Broadcasting, Inc. is a separate entity. /CL

  17. Ralph B. Seymour says:

    Check it out…..

  18. dwbcoan says:

    Holy Cow that was one of the best Hill billy at Harvard shows I have ever heard. It was a replay of shows over the past 60 years. I think I heard something from 1968>.. I may be wrong but It was great! I remember listening every Saturday morning especially in through the 80’s and 90’s. Now I stream it every Saturday From the Gulf coast in Florida.. This was a great show you guys pulled together for all of us old timers!! Dr. Bill

  19. Ken Ward says:

    I enjoyed the archival show very much, Lynn… please do more of the same!

  20. Andre Wilson says:

    Looking forward to more archive shows!

    Let’s think of it as an opportunity while you can’t get into the studio to do live shows.

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