On the Air, Home-Brewed

As I type this. Kevin got it on the air in good time this morning, and it actually sounds better than it did here on my iMac—I expect the FM compression actually helps balance the levels. Listening to Michael Cleveland now playing Arthur Smith‘s ‘Fiddler’s Dream’—my goodness, that boy can fiddle!

These home-brewed shows are not dated, so I can re-used them as needed. The disadvantage is that I can’t program favorites for particular occasions. This is Memorial Day weekend, so let me remind you with Radney Foster‘s moving ‘Angel Flight’. This Youtube video has some good images of the flights as well. Remember those we lost in the service of the United States, the Brave and the Free:

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3 Responses to On the Air, Home-Brewed

  1. Cindy says:

    Thank you Cousin Lynn. Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend!

  2. Christopher Field says:

    Loved your show for decades. Could you please let me know the band who played “Who Killed JR”? I can’t find it anywhere on line. loved the playing. thanks

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