In Powhatan, Pre-empted for Two Weeks

Just in case you missed my earlier note, HAH is pre-empted by two Orgies®, someone named Billy Bragg this Saturday (May 7th), and part of a mammoth Schubert Orgy® next Saturday (the 14th). After that I presume we’ll be back to two hours, 9–11 AM.

Apologies again for the erratic program last week, with the surprise ending midway through. Hope you all realized it was a false alarm. We were in Charleston, SC, hitching up to leave for North Carolina, and now Powhatan, VA, where daughter Sarah and family live. Back to New England next week.

We had a couple of real Summery days here, with storms predicted tonight and tomorrow. Got this quick shot of a Summer Tanager high up in a far tree:

It’s Mother’s Day weekend, so here’s Merle:

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2 Responses to In Powhatan, Pre-empted for Two Weeks

  1. Cindy says:

    Thanks Cousin Lynn. Enjoy your trip and be safe and have a safe trip home. We’ll miss you the next couple of weeks but will be looking forward to HAH return!

  2. Cindy says:

    P.S. Beautiful photo of the tanager! Thanks for sharing with us!

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