UPDATE: ‘Maple Sugar Sweetheart’

Back when I posted about Ward Allen‘s wonderful fiddle tune ‘Maple Sugar’ and the lyrics Hank LaRiviere (‘Hank Rivers’) penned for it, there was no video available of Hank’s original 1960 record, ‘Maple Sugar Sweetheart’. I linked to a version from Doc Williams and the Border Riders, but that has since been withdrawn from Youtube. However, Hank LaRiviere’s single on Rodeo International has appeared on Youtube, posted by ‘HillbillyBoogie1’ (many thanks!):

Quick! Give it a listen! You never know how long these treasures will stay available.

And for a little more on Ward Allen and Hank LaRiviere, go to the original post and the comments, including a note from Hank’s own son, also a Hank: HERE. /CL

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