Remember Part II with Tish


Second half of the show from May 15th, 1999, featuring Tish Hinojosa at 9 AM this morning. Tom Pittman of the Austin Lounge Lizards makes a brief appearance, too.

Turns out old friend and photographer Jennie Scott was at ‘Hillbilly Central’ that morning, too. She sent a couple pages of snapshots, which she has given me permission to post here. Thanks Jennie!

All photos copyright © Jennie Scott Photography

Should have mentioned that John Lincoln Wright was there, too. He brought down a live recording of all three parts of ‘Same Old Wind’, performed at what was probably the first of Terry Eagan’s Healing Garden Patio benefits, in memory of his wife. /CL

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1 Response to Remember Part II with Tish

  1. billwalczak says:

    Enjoying very much hearing shows of the past, especially Ol Sinc’s commentaries. Keep it up!

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