Whaddaya Know? We’ve Been Pre-empted!

Just received the WHRB Program Guide in the mailbox. So I opened it up to tomorrow’s date, and what do I see from 7 AM to 12 Noon but ‘The Avett Brothers Orgy’. Surprise! Then a little later I receive an email from the current Program Director: “Sorry for the late notice on this! Nina will be running a Hillbilly-oriented orgy tomorrow.”

Well, it wasn’t “late notice”; it was no notice at all. I hope some of you like The Avett Brothers. I wouldn’t call them country, but I suppose “Hillbilly-oriented” is a matter of opinion. They are good at what they do, which is a sort of Folk or Americana or something.

With any luck, HAH in its attenuated form will be back next week. I might even have another Archival show ready, too.

Oh well, as George Jones sang, back in 1955:

Well I don’t know, but I’ve heard say
Every little dog’s gonna have his day.

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12 Responses to Whaddaya Know? We’ve Been Pre-empted!

  1. Bill Nowlin says:

    What??? No Hillbilly at Harvard tomorrow??? I’ve been listening since the 1960s… I guess I’ll just need to wait another week.

  2. Freddy Markham says:

    It’s really BS the way they treat you and an insult to the once great institution they are fiddling with (no pun intended). It is sad and getting more so. I will miss you!

  3. Byron Marshall says:

    Hopefully they will treat the Hillbilly Show – and you – with more respect.

    But I urge you to consider seeking support –
    for a documentary film about HAH
    for a book, by yourself (who else) constituting a history
    of the show
    – Byron

  4. Jeff Boudreau says:

    This is a crying shame and insult not only to you but the entire HaH community.
    I’m going back to bed WITH THE RADIO OFF.
    The Avett Brothers? Sheesh!

  5. Ken says:

    No Hillbilly at Harvard, but 5 hours of the Avett Brothers??!! Surely you jest!

  6. Marion says:

    Booooo! I hope this is not a reflection of future broadcasts! Saturday’s wouldn’t be worth living without HAH to start my day!

  7. northshore says:

    Would it hurt or help to send email or phone call to whrb to make complaint? No notice very rude. Yr show already shortened. Had one hour b4 hvd football. They thonk only hvd students listen? Well NO it goes out to other states and i Also think Sat AM is bearable cos I can hear HAH. Usually in car, sometimes on home radio, sometimes on computer. THANK YOU FOR ARCHIVED BROADCASTS. Ive been listening since the 70s. Learned a lot about bluegrass from yr shows!

    • I don’t think it would hurt to—politely—let the undergraduate management of WHRB know that there are still Hillbilly at Harvard listeners out there in radio land. You can email President@WHRB.org.

    • Judith says:

      Hi Lynn
      Just emailed you today and you directed me to hAH blog (which I don’t go to usually cuz I’m more a one-on-one communicator)…but I went on and found the recent history of changes to HAH….my favorite show for lo these SEVERAL decades! My friends know not to call me when HAH is on the radio.
      I had thought the archival shows were a temporary covid thing, to be reversed when safe to get back in the studio. But given the treatment you are enduring from HRB “mis-management”, I don’t blame you for re-thinking re-entry under the mandated conditions.
      I miss the live shows terribly—although I do appreciate your dedication to the archival shows. And as I former DJ and radio producer/host at several stations (starting at the defunct WCAS is Cambridge), I totally understand the allure of running your own board.
      I miss and will always miss HAH if it—and you—go away. Whatever you decide, I’m your forever fan.
      Cousin Judith in Gloucester

      • “. . . the allure of running your own board.” I like that. It’s the main thing that’s kept me from recording shows here at home; I have an Allen-Heath mixer, but it’s not a broadcast board (nor are my leftover home TTs and CD-players broadcast level, either). The kids at home can just download tunes from the Internet and just record a list of the last five songs, but real radio as you and I know it requires decent equipment and developing muscle memory to manipulate everything. Oh well. Thanks for being a fan. /CL

  8. Marion says:

    Thank you for including the link to the president. I wrote an email directly. I hope others will too and that it will matter to these young whippersnappers.

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