Summertime Guests Peter Keane, Barry & Holly Tashian, in 1990


It was July 21st, 1990. Sinc and I were both in town, and so were Peter Keane and Barry & Holly Tashian. Pete (a WHRB member) knew sumptuous Studio A well, as he and Elijah Wald had held forth there live in the summer of 1986, following Hillbilly at Harvard with a half-hour of live pickin’ and singin’, followed by Pete hosting a program of old-timey country and blues records called ‘Country Roots’. Now he was active on the folk circuit, and at the time was working on his first album, which I was proud to put out on my Northeastern Records label in 1991, The Goodnight Blues. Rounder followed up in 1996 with his Walkin’ Around album.

In the mid-’90s, Peter Keane moved to Austin, where he has settled and occasionally performs. His latest album was self-produced in a home studio, featuring ‘Blues, Ballads, Cowboy Songs’, available from

Barry and Holly Tashian live in Nashville, but Barry was familiar to long-time Boston fans as the leader of Barry and the Remains, which opened for the Beatles on their first US tour. Eventually he emerged as successor to Ricky Skaggs, playing guitar and singing in Emmylou Harris’s Hot Band. Emmylou wrote a promotional blurb for Barry and Holly’s first album, Trust in Me, which was also the first in my Popular Arts line on Northeastern Records (thanks to a cassette from Jim Rooney, who produced the album). We included it on the packaging:

There are many things I love about country music, but I guess the main event will always be the Duet. It was the the singing of George with Tammy (and Melba), Joe with Rose Lee, and Stoney with Wilma Lee that hooked me and has held me ever since. There are two other names that should be included in that list, but until now fans of the country duet haven’t had a chance to hear the truly wonderful sound of Barry and Holly Tashian (with the exception of those like myself who’ve been fortunate enough to sit in their living room). So for me, this album is a long-awaited pleasure. After you’ve listened, I’m sure you’ll understand why. —Emmylou Harris

I couldn’t agree more!

Barry and Holly have subsequently had three albums on Rounder, and another three for other labels.

Tune in at 9 AM on October 2nd. We’re down to two hours for these Archival shows these days, so I’ve had to chop off half of the four-hour shows, but I hope you’ll still find a lot to enjoy of a Saturday morning. Let me know! /CL

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1 Response to Summertime Guests Peter Keane, Barry & Holly Tashian, in 1990

  1. Ken says:

    Like Emmylou, I’ve had to pleasure of listening to Barry and Holly sing together in their living room and they’re wonderful . Looking forward to the show tomorrow!

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