That’s Good, That’s Bad

Good news: The Powers That Be at Harvard are opening up WHRB to renegades like me.

Bad news: The same Powers have decreed that everyone inside the building must wear a face mask at all times. That means even people performing in a studio live on the radio. This I will not do. So as I enter a second year of Exile, I will have to continue to produce recorded Hillbilly shows, either from pre-recorded Generic Hours, or Archival tapes, or just possibly new shows I can create from a makeshift home studio.

More bad news: WHRB undergraduate management have said they want another hour for the modern bluegrass show, called ‘Hillbilly Jamboree’, so Hillbilly at Harvard will be cut back to two hours, from 9 AM to 11 AM Eastern time. I guess there is a bright side, as I will have less time to fill, but then the Archival content will be greatly reduced.

I won’t go into my objections to masking in any detail, except to say that I find the ‘face coverings’ (as Amtrak calls them) uncomfortable and unpleasant, and I think the government policies in favor of masking and lockdowns wrong-headed and mistaken. Respiratory viruses from normal breathing are not stopped by cloth or paper masks. They are, as Senator Rand Paul (a medical doctor himself) has said, nothing but “theater.” If you want more on my views, I recommend an excellent article by Paul E. Alexander describing how an age-risk ‘focused’ approach, as proposed by the Great Barrington Declaration, would have made far more sense and been far less destructive to individuals and society.

Well, two hours is better than none. Back in the 1960s, when a ‘Committee’ of WHRB alumni and friends rescued Hillbilly at Harvard from imminent extinction for want of undergraduate interest (see ’HAH History: The Committee Saves the Show’), HAH ran only from 10 AM to 12 noon. So who knows what the future holds? For now, we’ll keep enjoying real country music, like this from George Jones and Lacy J. Dalton, on today’s theme: ‘That’s Good, That’s Bad’. /CL

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5 Responses to That’s Good, That’s Bad

  1. Louis Feinstein says:

    Hi CL,

    You seem to be taking loss of another HAH hour better than I would have expected. Sure you can look at the bright side, yet…


  2. Byron Marshall says:

    Sounds Gud. 🙂



  3. Margaret Brooke says:

    Just listened to George and Lacey, a song I didn’t know. Thanks for posting! I listen to you every Saturday without fail and I want you back live even if only for two hours!

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