Boston City Limits with Chris Jones, in 1988


It’s Friday night, and I just remembered I forgot to post a notice about this Archival Show. So here’s what I say in the introduction:

Today we’re going back in time to February 6th, 1988. This show features a live performance in sumptuous Studio A from Boston City Limits, a local band augmented by singer-guitarist Chris Jones. They do two sets, in the second and third hours. Boston City Limits was to open for Bill Monroe in a Boston Bluegrass Union concert, but Bill was suddenly hospitalized in Nashville and had to cancel. The band performed on the air anyway, and was able to promote a Friday gig with John Lincoln Wright at Johnny D’s.

Also, Gordy Brown brings in some rare 78s, which he had transferred to cassette.

One of those rare 78s is a version of ‘Footprints in the Snow’, by Cliff Carlisle. We speculate on the air whether this was earlier than Bill Monroe’s famous recording, which of course it was: the Carlisle record was released in 1939, and Bill’s not until 1947. Turns out the history of the song is interesting—maybe for a separate post on this blog.

In the closing announcement, I mention a few other details:

A version of Boston City Limits, still with Eric Levinson and Howie Tarnower, put out a CD in 2007; Eric and Howie are still active in area, pickin’ and singin’. Ruthie Dornfeld is now based in Seattle, fiddlin’ in a multitude of styles and groups. And of course Chris Jones is leading his own band on the national bluegrass scene, Chris Jones and the Night Drivers.

Gordy Brown passed away in December of 2020.

Tune in Saturday morning at 9 AM, EDT. You’ll enjoy the show! /CL

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