By Request, Crowe and McLaughlin in 1994


After the Archival show with James King, Gerry Katz of the BBU wrote to say he booked the concert with James and Lou Reid that weekend, and the live performance of the James King Band brought back many memories. He also suggested, “How about the show from April 1994 with Crowe and McLaughlin?” So I looked, and yes, I had the show on Digital Audio Tape, from April 9th, 1994.

So here it is this Saturday. The show is four hours long, as most Hillbilly shows were until this year, except for football season and the Met, so sadly I have had to cut off the first hour. I also have pruned some of the extended Country Calendar announcements, though I left many in, and many of the screw-ups—Sinc and I were keeping score. Besides Josh Crowe and David McLaughlin, on two guitars in Studio A at Memorial Hall, guests included Ken Irwin of Rounder Records, Gerry himself and Stan Zdonik, and a brief appearance by John Lincoln Wright.

Josh Crowe and David McLaughlin (Rounder promotional photo by Lise Metzger)

Crowe and McLaughlin, as they were billed, had recently released a duet album on Rounder, Going Back, and that Sunday were opening a BBU show at the (then called) Museum of Our National Heritage in Lexington, with The Dry Branch Fire Squad. On that day the BBU offered classes and a picking party in the afternoon before the show. Josh and David talked about a second album, but I don’t think one was ever released. Going Back seems to be out of print.

Thanks to Gerry for suggesting this show for an Archival production. If you remember others you’d like to hear, please let me know. Although I have a lot of tapes and computer recordings of Hillbilly shows from the mid-1980s on (and some from the ’70s possibly), many did not get recorded. But I’ll be happy to look for one if you think of it. /CL

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