Remember Angel Train? They Were Live on April 22, 1989!


Anyone remember the band Angel Train? They were singer Diane Cannon, from Maine, guitarist Rick Plant, from Cambridge, bassist Tom Miller, originally from New Jersey, and drummer Jamie DeCato of Boston. Angel Train had just won a nationwide band contest sponsored by Marlboro cigarettes, which earned them a trip to Nashville and recording sessions with producer Barry Beckett, and, except for Jamie, they were in sumptuous Studio A at WHRB on Saturday, April 22nd, 1989.

I remembered their signature song, ‘Train Will Come’, written by Diane Cannon and her then husband Bob Cannon, with its great singing from Diane and memorable guitar theme from Rick, so it was a treat to find this show in a dusty box of aircheck tapes here at home. I had forgotten that they had played live on HAH. Tom Miller had given us a cassette tape of ‘Train Will Come’, which I remember playing on the air (there’s a really good video of Angel Train playing it on a Facebook page).

On Saturday the 22nd, Angel Train were at the Stephen James House in Porter Square, Cambridge. It was easy to get to, as Old Sinc explains during their sets, but at some point between then and now the restaurant disappeared. So don’t go looking for it.

Don’t look for Angel Train, either. The band apparently fell apart after their trip to Nashville, for reasons unknown to me. We lost bassist and founder Tom Miller to cancer a few years ago. Guitarist Rick Plant moved to Nashville and worked with many bands as studio musician and lead guitarist, and now lives in Australia (Rick has a web page HERE). Drummer Jamie DeCato was still working on the North Shore in 2020.

In the close to the Archival show tomorrow I mention that I’d found no report on Diane Cannon. But from a biography on Collectors’ Choice Music, I find that she stayed in Nashville, married songwriter Michael Killen, and they performed as a duo called The Killens. Now spelling her name Dianne, she recorded a CD of her own called Pattern of My Heart.

Tune in tomorrow and experience a little of what might have been. Studio A at our former studios under Sanders Theater was a little rough and ready, but you’ll get an idea of the great musicians who made up the short-lived band Angel Train. /CL

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