Back to 2005—with Peter Rowan and Larry Stephenson


The Peter Rowan/Tony Rice Quartet album, then new on Rounder Records.

This Saturday (May 15th) travel back with us to April 16, 2005, and a memorable Hillbilly at Harvard. Peter Rowan was back in town, opening for Ralph Stanley at Sanders Theatre at Harvard, with Peter’s Quartet (featuring the late Tony Rice on guitar, along with Bryn Davies and Sharon Gilchrist).

Larry Stephenson’s latest (in 2005) album, on Pinecastle Records

Because we’re now limited to three hours, I have cut out most of the first hour, and I’ve also edited out most of the Country Calendar promos. That still leaves plenty of great honky-tonk and bluegrass tunes, and the usual slip-ups and other folly, enhanced by colleague Larry Flint, who comes in to help with announcing and running the board when I’m in Sumptuous Studio B with the band.

Peter Rowan turns up late in the show, and sings a couple of his originals and offers a new definition of ‘bluegrass’. Then we spend the rest of the time with Larry Stephenson and his band. Larry was in town for a Boston Bluegrass Union concert in Lexington with David Parmley and Continental Divide. You’ll hear a few promos for that one, so don’t be fooled—it was 16 years ago! /CL

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2 Responses to Back to 2005—with Peter Rowan and Larry Stephenson

  1. Tracy O'Connell says:

    Great old show, Cousin Lynn! A real treat!

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