Put More Water in the Soup

Bad news for late risers (and Western Time Zoners): Hillbilly at Harvard is cutting back to three hours, from 9 AM to 12 noon, starting this Saturday (January 30th). And as well, Harvard is still restricting outsiders (non-students, non-employees) from WHRB’s studios, so this Spring HAH will continue to be pre-recorded. I’ll try to add some goodies (like live in-studio performances from the past) to the mix of what I call Generic Hours, but I doubt whether I’ll be able to do a live show before the end of the term in May.

On the plus side, when I do get back to live air, I’ll be getting out earlier. Also, you may enjoy the new program to follow HAH at noon, called Hillbilly Jamboree. What exactly they’ll play I can’t say, but the name suggests they’ll follow in HAH footsteps and play plenty of country and bluegrass. Think of it as a harbinger of more weekend ‘roots’ music on WHRB.

Maybe, as Jimmy Martin says, “There’s better times a-comin’.”

PS: Anyone have a working Digital Audio Tape (DAT) machine you’d like to get rid of? I have a lot of HAH airchecks from the ’90s and early ‘00s on DAT, and my Sony DTC-700 won’t move the tape. Long shot, I know; this format was short-lived, and the machines were expensive and complex, so there aren’t many out there. But no harm in asking. /CL

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5 Responses to Put More Water in the Soup

  1. Clinton _Street_Matters says:

    Sometimes I hate the creeping awfulness that is Harvard, and sometimes I just hate change.

    We’ll hope for the best and not necessarily expect the worst —

    Keep safe, CL —

  2. Michael Eisenstadt says:

    Question: who makes these decisions? The stationmaster? Do you have any sense of the sentiments of student members?


    • The undergraduate officers decide these things. I agreed to the change, in hopes that it will be enough for now. Their primary obligations are to the membership, and they have some who want more time for their own programs. /CL
      PS It’s not a railroad, so no stationmasters. 🙂

      • Louis Feinstein says:

        Columbia University’s WKCR would not be the same without longtime jazz announcers Phil Schaap, Sid Gribetz, Cliff Preiss and Sharif Abdus-Salaam. They, together with student announcers, make it a great radio station. I believe WHRB has only Cousin Lynn and, if still there, Tom in addition to student announcers. It would seem that there is plenty of airtime available for others without reducing Lynn and Tom’s time slots.

        I think a better idea would be to keep HAH at four hours, run blues on Sundays from 5-9 or 6-10 and air the new show from 9 or 10 to 11 am.


  3. Louis Feinstein says:

    Don’t know why they couldn’t have squeezed an hour from programs that, unlike HAH, often are automated. At least they chose the hour that frequently gets pre-empted for the opera.

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