The Day-After-Christmas Extravaganza!

This Saturday is the day after Christmas, but we can’t let a year go by without keeping the tradition of our Christmas Extravaganzas alive. So we’ve got one for you: a rebroadcast of the Extravaganza from December 22, 2012! Plenty of favorites, like this one of mine from back in the ’60s:

If all goes well, it’ll start at 9:00 AM Eastern Saturday morning, and run until c. 12:40 PM, to make room for the Prelude to the Met. I had to take out the dated weather reports and Country Calendar announcements, which actually worked out well, as otherwise the show would have run too long. If you hear time cues during the show, just ignore them.

It’s also re-created from an aircheck at home, so the sound quality won’t be as good as usual or in stereo. But with the mix of LPs, CDs, and Vast Variety Vault singles, you might not even notice.

You’ll also hear some songs, like ‘The 12 Days of Redneck Christmas’ that I don’t think we’ve played since. Fun!

Why did I pick 2012? Dunno; listened to bits of a few others, and decided this one was more lively. The old pirate, Cap’n Flint, makes an appearance towards the end, as well.

Stay tuned! /CL

PS Speaking of archives, here’s a photo from the days when we had a party and a little carol singing for the Christmas Extravaganza:

The faces are pretty washed out, but I can recognize most of them. Going left to right, there’s Paul Anderson and his wife, Miss Barbara, who was our cheerful librarian for a time; then two dark-haired fellows I don’t recognize; Helen Clougherty (Sinc’s wife); Bucky Bear, I think; Jimmy Allen in the red sweater; a young lady with glasses I don’t know; Ol’ Sinc in front; Jimmy’s wife Sheila behind him, and then Richie Brown (?); Cousin Flo Murdock in red, and behind her Stan Zdonick; then I guess me in my green shirt (for Christmas) in front; Grace Funari behind me, and Ed Muller behind her; to the right of Ed is someone I don’t know; there’s John Lincoln Wright in a black hat, and his wife Vicki beside him; in front of the two of them is someone in a shiny jacket I don’t recall; in the back, behind Vicki is George Hauenstein (formerly of WZBC’s ‘Sunday Morning Country’, now in the midwest); next to last is the always-cheerful Frank Dudgeon (where is he now?), and farthest right, Gordy Brown, who gave me the photo. It was 1992.

Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! Yes, we are having one!

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8 Responses to The Day-After-Christmas Extravaganza!

  1. Byron Marshall says:

    looks to sound great ! Our weather will be a very un – Florida chill, (whereas Christmas Eve afternoon was great for strolling in the park), so maybe you should have left in the dated weather reports!

    cool group picture.

    Happy Christmas



  2. Diane Keenan says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Cousin Lynn, and your family! Such a beautiful day today! Can’t wait to hear HAH tomorrow. It’s been too long. Peace to everyone. Love from our family in Peabody. Diane

  3. It’s beautiful in Peabody? Indoors, right? It’s been pouring all morning here on the river in Saxonville. But lots of bright lights and bright wrappings inside. Merry Christmas! /CL

  4. Joanne says:

    Great show! Heard a song haven’t heard before, by something like The Beamers? In the last hour. Is there a playlist from 1/2/21? Happy New Year!

    • Howdy Joanne— You commented here under the Christmas show post, so I went back to that show and couldn’t find anything. Then I realized you are asking about today’s prerecorded show. That would have been a single from the Vast Variety Vault by Roy Beemer and the Country Beemers. I don’t have a playlist for those hours, but when I get a chance I’ll take a listen. /CL

      • UPDATE: The song was (of course) ‘Gettin’ Up in the Morning Is Gettin’ Me Down’, written by J. W. Pickering. We got it in 1971; it’s on the Peak record label, no. 1001, from Stage 3 Sound in Kansas City, MO. The flip side is a Leon Payne song, ‘Teach Me to Forget’. has an image of another Roy Beemer single on Peak, no. 1002, but not this one. YouTube has a Roy Beemer and the Midwest Valley Boys single on the Artists label, also out of Kansas City, MO. That’s the most Roy Beemer information I can find. He’s not listed in (a great site for obscure country artists).

        Probably more information than you needed, but as it turned out, when I got exiled from WHRB in August, I brought home a box of favorite singles, and remembered this morning that it was there! /CL

      • JOANNE walsh says:

        Oh wow that was fast! Thank you so much! I had never heard the song before, or the group either, but when I heard it on the show I thought it familiar, like maybe I knew a remake. I heard the line about the pickup sticks and I immediately thought of a Christmas song, and then I knew why it was familiar: it has a very similar chorus part to a song by local rock group The Fools, Called Santa Claus Birddogged My Baby, which is from around 1980! It’s on YouTube, you can check it out, it’s a cute holiday novelty song. I wonder if anyone ever noticed it?

        I really enjoy the show and especially the trivia between songs, and also how the singer (and often writer) is mentioned. The holiday programs are especially great since somehow you always manage to find great songs I have never heard. I have bought many records (ok cd’s) based on these and always look forward to hearing something interesting.

        Happy New Year and keep up the good work!

        Sent from my iPhone


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