HAH History: Sinc and Dave Interview Patty Loveless in 1994

Cousin Dave Schmalz hosted Hillbilly at Harvard with Ol’ Sinc from c. 1966 (see The Committee Saves the Show) into 1975, when Dave moved to Holland, and I came back from hither and yon.  Sadly, as I mentioned on the air, Cousin Dave passed away last October.  I’ve been meaning to post some memories of him here, with on-air clips, but it’s still on The List.

However, going through some ‘To Be Filed’ boxes, I did come across a cassette copy of the interview he and Sinc did of Patty Loveless in 1994 at the South Shore Music Circus.  Dave occasionally came back to the States and on this occasion teamed up with Ol’ Sinc to reprise, in spirit, some of their joint visits to Nashville for the DJ Conventions in the early ’70s, by going to see Patty.

Their plan was to edit the interview together with a selection of songs for the radio show, and that actually did happen 18 months later, when Dave was back in town.  He sent me a cassette of that segment, but the tape has some problems, so it’ll have to wait until I find time to do some editing.

In the meantime, I’m going to embed a SoundCloud file of the original interview, which I’m sure many of you will find as fascinating, and enjoyable, as I did, listening today.  It runs about half an hour:

Patty Loveless Interview

Helen Clougherty, who was then married to Sinc, writes:

The three of us . . . saw Patty Loveless perform at the South Shore Music Circus and [Sinc and Dave] managed to finagle a DJ interview with her after the show.

We spent about an hour with her (me, just in the background).  They were both pretty much openly in love with her . . . she was smart, gorgeous and talented.  Sinc and Dave traded off asking questions. Sinc was more serious and working on impressing her with his country music knowledge (you know that routine and he knew his stuff).  Dave was like a kid who got a puppy.

One of the songs they discuss in the conversation was written by Karen Staley and included on Patty’s debut album on MCA Records, ‘Half Over You’. Dave was effusive in his praise of it, and deservedly so. Listen:

NOTE TO EMAIL FOLLOWERS: If you get an email from ‘Hillbilly at Harvard’ with this post, you may not see the embedded interview. In that case, scroll down to the bottom of the email and click on the link to the post itself. When that comes up, you’ll see the interview. /CL

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  1. Byron Marshall says:

    Say hello to Helen!



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