Napoleon’s Exile on Saint Helena by Franz Josef Sandman [de] (1820) (PD)

No, I haven’t met my Waterloo, but Saturday the 22nd of August was the last live Hillbilly at Harvard—for a while. How long? A few weeks? Months? The rest of the year? I don’t know.

Apparently spooked by the hysteria surrounding the Wuhan Bat Bug (an epidemic no worse than many in the past that never resulted in lockdowns and other restrictions), the administrators at Harvard have decreed that only 40% of enrolled students will be allowed back on campus for the new term, and only those students, plus some employees, will be allowed into campus buildings. Since WHRB is in the basement of Pennypacker Hall, a freshman dorm, I am excluded. I cannot even get into the HAH record library.

Fortunately, over the past few years I have recorded a number of what I call ‘Generic Hours’ to run when I’m out of town, or otherwise unavailable (as now). These will be mixed and matched to create four-hour HAH shows, and there are enough that there shouldn’t be too much repetition. Some listeners have told me they like the GHs (more favorites and less talk).

If The Exile continues for more than a couple of months, I’ll have to think about creating new GHs, maybe using live performances and other segments from the past that I have recorded over the air here at home. I don’t have a home studio, but it might be possible to create one, or even rent studio space somewhere.

In any case, the plan is to resume live broadcast of HAH as soon as the Powers That Be at Harvard say it’s OK for me to enter the building. The student management at WHRB supports this plan. You should be aware that they are under enormous pressure to maintain a 24-hour broadcast schedule with only a small fraction of station members on campus, and that HAH is only a tiny part of their responsibilities, so don’t blame them. Harvard makes the rules.

PS The Internet stream going silent Saturday was unrelated; just Murphy’s law: whatever can go wrong, durn sure will.  /CL

PPS Might as well have some fun. Here’s Stonewall Jackson’s ‘Waterloo’ (1959), written by John D. Loudermilk and Marijohn Wilkin:

And here’s a beautiful, rather sad, version of ‘Bonaparte’s Retreat’ that I just chanced upon, played by Aly Bain, with some significant associates: Jerry Douglas (dobro), Danny Thompson (bass), Tommy Hayes (Percussion), Michael Doucet (second fiddle), Russ Barenberg (guitar), Donald Shaw (piano):

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20 Responses to Exiled!

  1. Peter Kinder says:

    Agree completely on the heroic job the WHRB team has done. I’ve long thought Mary Black’s ‘Isle of St. Helena’ a stunner. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=youtube+mary+black+st.+helena&docid=608020206341524068&mid=70E085D32E659395230170E085D32E6593952301&view=detail&FORM=VIRE

  2. Diane Keenan says:

    Dear Cousin Lynn, so sorry to hear this but better safe than sorry! Hearing your voice will be greatly missed. One of the great things about your program is all the information you give us; not just the artist but who wrote the song, when, label it’s recorded on and much more. You have turned me on to much great music. Covid-19 has disrupted almost everything and now HAH. Thank you for your efforts to keep the program going. You really make Saturday the best day! I don’t know what I’d do without HAH! Love from Diane in Peabody

  3. Margaret Brooke says:

    Here’s what you can do now that you’re on hiatus: get a CD made of John Lincoln Wright’s “October Days.” Thanks for this beautiful music!

    • Howdy Margaret— That’s a great idea, but one that would depend on a lot of factors out of my control, for example: who owns the rights? I don’t know, but I’ll ask around. /CL

  4. Clinton _Street_Matters says:

    Thanks for updating us, Cousin Lynn. Hope the patching of HAH tapes is not too onerous, and we’ll watch the blog for developments.

    Heather Cole

  5. M Rhinehart says:

    I was not sure what to do with myself last Saturday without you there with the music we love! I’ll take whatever you put together going forward. Stay safe and we’ll see ya when you can get back live to us.

  6. Stephen Brayton says:

    Hi Cousin Lynn — We miss you live on HAH, but least we’ve had the recorded hours — until today. No HAH. First time in my 40+ years of listening But glad to hear from the DJ that you’ll be back in two weeks, No worries about recorded repetition; for dedicated HAH-ers, every mix is a match.
    Steve Brayton

  7. Judith Brackley says:

    Cuz! Miss you so much! In my own 40+years of listening to HAH–I am adrift without your informative–and often funny–comments and of course the music! Agree the Harvard students are doing their best under the circumstances, but you are irreplaceable! Eager for your return.
    Cuzin Judith from Glosta

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  9. Elaine Braun-Keller says:

    OY! Miss you. At least we know (think, hope) that you are well. Totally missed you on Halloween! Hope you can be back for the Christmas extravaganza.

  10. Bill Nowlin says:

    I still listen faithfully, a personal tradition dating back to the 1960s – though I listen more regularly these last 10 or so years.

    The pre-recorded shows are fine, but you must feel a little deprived in terms of not creating new shows.

    The situation certainly isn’t going to change until at least January and more likely April (it seems). Maybe there are those in the Greater Boston bluegrass community who have access to the sort of equipment you would need. I wish I did.

  11. Catherine Johnson says:

    Cousin Lynn still.missing you over here in tje.Hills.of.Arlington!. Especially without a.Christmas show today (12/19!) Fingers.crossed for 2021.
    Cathy Johnson

  12. Cat Fer says:

    Miss you and the “bat bug” lives on…

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