For Met Fans—More Operas!

The Metropolitan Opera is making up for the sudden dearth of live broadcast performances this season by adding archival productions every Saturday from May 23rd through June 13th.

You can find the new list of broadcast Met operas on the WHRB website, HERE.

There will be Met Prelude programs before the operas at 1:00 PM, so HAH will end 10-15 minutes early each Saturday.  /CL

UPDATE 15Jun20: Edited to correct ending-date error.  The last Met archived opera was this past Saturday.  However, Sunday Night at the Opera will continue through July, at 8 PM on (you guess it!) Sundays.

UPDATE 1Jul20: Scratch that! Actually, the Met archived operas are continuing!  At 1:00 PM for the next three Saturdays: 11, 18, 25 July: Strauss, Rossini, Saint-Saëns.  I think I’ve got it right, now.  /CL

UPDATE 24Jul20: The archival productions from the Met are continuing into September!  I won’t be there live to tease them, so just tune in at 1:00 PM, following HAH, and you’ll find out what they are.  /CL

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