Coming Up: The Joe Val Festival for 2020!


Design by Jin Suk

Just realized I hadn’t previewed The Joe Val Bluegrass Festival, February 14th, 15th, and 16th, my favorite—and only partly because it’s right in my backyard.  Well, almost; we’re on the river in Saxonville, but only about 10 minutes drive west to the Sheraton in Framingham, so I can do the show Saturday morning, get home for a nap, and still get to most of Saturday’s main-stage events with time to spare.

Friday evening I do need to get home early, so I’ll miss Claire Lynch‘s 10 PM set.  But you don’t have to.  The Sheraton’s rooms have been sold out for months, but there are plenty of hotels nearby in Metrowest; and of course if you’re in the region, it’s easy to reach, right at the junction of Route 9 and the Mass Pike.

Go to the Boston Bluegrass Union web site, and scroll down for both weekend and single-day tickets.  The highlights are below (click on band names for more information); the full schedules are on the web page.  See you there!


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