WHRB Updates Web Streaming

Here’s new information about the streaming Web addresses for the WHRB Internet stream.  If you just go to WHRB.org, and click on the Listen button, you won’t need to do anything else.  But if you are using an application like iTunes, and you used to go to StreamGuys’ URLs, you’ll need to use the new ones that take you directly to WHRB:

Streaming Updates

We have recently upgraded our web streaming URLs. This change gives WHRB more flexibility in stream quality and capacity. For our web site listeners there are no changes required. However, if you listen using a separate application (iTunes, VLC, etc.) you will need to update to one of our new URLs.

The updated stream URLs are:
http://stream.whrb.org:8000/whrb-he-aac (AAC+ 64 kbps)
http://stream.whrb.org:8000/whrb-mp3 (MP3 96 kbps)

View our Advanced Stream Player page for downloadable links to these streams.

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6 Responses to WHRB Updates Web Streaming

  1. Susan Byers Paxson says:

    As of this morning, none of these work. Just so you know.

  2. Susan Byers Paxson says:

    It is indeed — both streams!!! Thanks so much!

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