We’re Having a White Christmas!

And a houseful of kids, with Daughter Sarah visiting with her family (three boys) from Virginia, and Number Two Son Nathan and his crew (two boys, three girls) staying here while the house they bought in Dedham is undergoing remedial renovation.  Here some of the kids are looking at the snowbirds under the feeder:


The older ones ventured out in the storm, which is tapering off as I write:


Merry Christmas to all.  Hope you enjoyed the 2017 edition of the Hillbilly at Harvard Christmas Extravaganza Saturday morning, which of course we closed with The Stanley Brothers singing “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.”  That was the impetus a few years ago for the blog post on the history of the song, our most-visited post to date.  So in recognition of the song’s enduring popularity, here’s Rhonda Vincent:

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1 Response to We’re Having a White Christmas!

  1. Hoss says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. God bless.

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