Roses in the Snow

Over on the estimable Watts Up With That? website, New Englander Ric Werme has posted a meteorological recollection of the May snowstorm in 1977: “40 Years Ago: Massachusetts Snags a Memorable Snowfall in May Storm.”

May Snowstorm

I remember that snow well, and often refer to it when chatting with other New Englanders about our variable weather.  Dr Janie and I were living in Newton Corner at the time. The day after the storm it was delightful to see the spring flowers with garlands of bright white snow in the sun.  Nowadays I always think of this song:

Of course the roses probably weren’t out yet, and the album wasn’t released until 1980, but whenever I play the song, it reminds me of May 9th, 1977.

Read Rick Werme’s post, and the Comments as well (unlike so many Internet sites, always a treat and an education).  I posted this video there as well.  /CL

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