Pre-recorded Show Saturday the 22nd–with Update


New bridge over Sand Creek in the Powhatan woods (copyright © L. E. Joiner)

We finally made it down to Virginia to visit with daughter Sarah and her family.  Last December we were frustrated by our dog Ali’s problems with a corneal abrasion, requiring daily eyedrops and an ‘Elizabethan Collar’.  This Tuesday Ali developed what the vet ended up calling a ‘dietary indiscretion’ two hours before train time.  With prescribed medication and train rescheduling, we got off yesterday (Thursday) on Northeast Regional No. 93.  It was a pleasant ride down to Richmond, and today we explored the new paths Sarah and James made in the 11-acre woods and marsh in Powhatan where the kids plan to build a house.  Enjoy the Generic Hours, and I’ll be back next week.  /CL

UPDATE Monday, 24Apr17: Here’s a photo of me towing the three grandsons (Sam, Miles, Jeff) with the little hand-me-down yard tractor last Friday.  Since then it has been raining steadily and we have been confined indoors.  Oh well; the trees love it.  We did get over to the Virginia Historical Society museum in Richmond, which is definitely worth visiting—they have an original Conestoga wagon, among many other interesting exhibits. /CL

2017-04-21 16.22.23_thumb

Me and the Grandkids (photo copyright © S. J. Reilly 2017)

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