Hits & Misses 3

Continuing this occasional department.  Previous entries: H&M 1; H&M2

jamestown-revival• Jamestown Revival: The Education of a Wandering Man (2016, Republic/UMG) New

This is mostly rock-‘n’-roll.  But it also draws heavily on country.  The duo of Zach Chance and Jonathan Clay sound remarkably like The Everly Brothers, and this album treads in the same uneasy ground between country and pop-rock that the Everlys so successfully exploited.  Listen to “Journeyman”:

Could this get on pop or even country radio today?  I doubt it, but it’s getting on HAH—or some of it, anyway.  Besides “Journeyman,” “American Dream” (with a country-novelty feel); “I’ve Always Been Wild” (a Billy-Jo-Shaveresque anthem); “Back to Austin” (sounding like a modern Delmore Brothers tune); and “Done Me Wrong” (would be right at home on a David Allen Coe or John Anderson album from a couple of decades ago—only with better production); all making the cut.

I like the rockier cuts, too, even if they won’t make it onto HAH air; I love duet albums, and these two guys are one hot duet.  Sure they aren’t brothers named Phil and Don?

A country-enough HIT. Available HERE.  /CL

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