Program Notes for December

UPDATE 4B! (23Dec16): No, not another schedule change.  Had a pleasant half hour or so chatting with David Greely last Saturday (though I had to run out in the snow in my sandals to bring him to the correct door), and listening to his stories and great old Cajun fiddle tunes.  Check out his website HERE; he teaches Cajun fiddling and singing via Skype, too!

And yes, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and time for the Hillbilly at Harvard Christmas Jamboree.  You don’t want to miss a minute!  /CL

UPDATE 4A! (16Dec16): Just to keep life interesting, the forecast now calls for 3–5″ of snow tomorrow morning, changing to freezing rain and then rain in the afternoon.  Could be a mess keeping me at home, or no big deal.  We’ll assume the latter for now. . . /CL

UPDATE 4! (15Dec16): Yet another update!  Are we having fun yet?  I’m getting better, and the head-cold isn’t, which is a good thing.  The dog’s eye is no better, which is not good.  We took him to a doggie eye specialist, who diagnosed a non-infective ulceration in the left eye, and performed a keratotomy, which has a good record of treating this problem.  This means we’re staying home, managing Ali’s Elizabethan Collar and eye drops, and not traveling to Virginia.  Oh well.

So, to get to the point, the show this Saturday will be a regular one, with maybe a little Christmas sprinkled in, and Saturday the 24th will host our Christmas Extravaganza (come to think of it, that’s when it was originally scheduled, before all the updates!).

There, that’s settled!  Except I don’t know if we’ll see David Greely or not.  Don’t look to hard at that electron—you never know where it’ll end up.  Just for fun, I’ll make this one green. /CL

UPDATE 3! (9Dec16): Well, I’ve come down with a cold, and while I’m still coming in tomorrow, I warned off David Greely, who has important performing obligations, and so I expect he’ll listen.  Maybe we’ll see him on. . .

December 17th, which will not be pre-recorded, as we’re still dealing with Ali’s eye infection (another story), but may well be our annual Christmas Extravaganza—because we’re still hoping to get to Virginia, which would make the 24th a pre-recorded show.

All clear?  This is a lesson in not forecasting.  As Tommy Duncan sang, “Time Changes Everything” (From the film, Blazing the Western Trail):

That ought to make up for some of the confusion!  /CL

UPDDATE 2 (4Dec16): December 3rd is over and done; had a good time with Victor and then Ruth; hope you all heard.  Corrections below. To summarize:

David Greely will be coming in next Saturday, the 10th.

December 17th may or may not be pre-recorded.

December 24th will or will not occur.  It all depends on Ali—and on events in VA (where grandson Sam just had an emergency appendectomy!) /CL

UPDATE!  CHANGE OF PLANS!  Our dog Ali has an eye infection that will likely require us to postpone our trip to Virginia.  So the schedule below for the 10th, 17th, and 24th will change.  Stay tuned!  /CL

Events (and a non-event) for the next four Saturdays:

December 3rd, c. 10 AM: Victor Evdokimoff is coming by to talk about his experiences playing with The Lilly Brothers at the Hillbilly Ranch, and his recent article, “Hillbilly Ranch Memories, with The Lilly Brothers” in Bluegrass Unlimited (November).

ruthrappaportDecember 3rd, c. 11 AM: Ruth Rappaport, formerly of The Poodles, has been playing traditional old-timey music in and about the region for many years.  She has a new CD out, and a CD-release party at The Burren in Davis Square (247 Elm St, Somerville) on Friday, December 9th; we’ll play a couple of tunes from the CD and catch up.  More about Ruth HERE.

December 10th: Pre-recorded show!  I’ll be out of town, visiting daughter Sarah and family in Powhatan, Virginia.  Taking Amtrak Northeast Corridor Train no. 93 on Tuesday the 6th; if you’re on that train, come by and say hello!
Maybe the 17th?  We’ll see how the dog does.

December 17th 10th: Cajun fiddler David Greely, who is starring in “The Christmas Revels 2016 – An Acadian-Cajun Celebration of the Winter Solstice” (17 performances at Sanders Theatre at Harvard, beginning December 9th) will be visiting, sometime after 10 AM.  I’m hoping he’ll bring his fiddle and play a few tunes for us—maybe a Christmas tune?  For information about this year’s Revels, go HERE,  and for David’s website, HERE.

December 24th: The Hillbilly at Harvard Christmas Extravaganza [or. . . maybe not—see UPDATE 3, above]: (almost) four hours of the very best, and the very worst, of country Christmas music.  Actually, not the worst, as we eschew the lushly over-produced standards from major artists that the labels burdened us with; but the silliest, to be sure.  Surely you remember “Everett the Evergreen”?


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