The 2016 Harvard Football Pregame Show Airtimes

afpnmfyxeigiunegxzxrdukt7Here’s the Harvard football schedule for 2016.  I list the Pregame show airtimes because that’s when WHRB’s invaluable coverage begins, and, in just five cases this year, when Hillbilly at Harvard will end.  We lose only half an hour on four Saturdays, and 1.5 hours on November 19th, for The Game (Harvard vs. Yale), but we’ll make up for that by playing Terry Allen’s “Truckload of Art.”  Don’t ask me why.  /CL

(Dates with * = HAH Ends Early)

Friday, 16Sep, 6:30 pm: vs. Rhode Island

Saturday, 24Sep, 1:30 pm: at Brown

Friday, 30Sep, 6:30 pm: vs. Georgetown

* Saturday, 8Oct, 12:30 pm: vs. Cornell

* Saturday, 15Oct, 12:30 pm: at Holy Cross

* Saturday, 22Oct, 12:30 pm: at Princeton

Saturday, 29Oct, 1:00 pm: at Dartmouth

* Saturday, 5Nov, 12:30 pm: vs. Columbia

Friday, 11Nov, 7:30 pm: at Penn

* Saturday, 11/19, 11:30 am: vs. Yale (pre-game show is 1 hour)

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