Yes, I Know—James King is Dead

UPDATE 3Jun16: We’ve got a couple of recordings of the James King Band live at WHRB, with Ol’ Sinc hosting, from 1995.  I didn’t have a chance to ‘tease’ them last week, so I’ll plan to air one live show from 25Feb95, c. 30 minutes, next Saturday, June 11th.  Let’s make it at the 11:00 hour, so most of you will be awake.  Then we’ll run the second one from 18Nov95, c. 17 minutes, on June 18th.  These featured James the year he recorded his second Rounder album, made his first trip to Boston, and had just gotten his own band together.  Be sure to tune in!  /CL


James King, from his Facebook page (photographer not identifed)

Seems like one obituary after another, but this one is more personal: James King was in the Hillbilly at Harvard studio many times, four or five anyway.  And he was only 57 years old.  Here’s James back in 2010, with the song we always waited for him to sing, Hazel Dickens‘s “Just a Few Old Memories.”  We won’t forget:

More later.  /CL

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