Laurie Lewis in Town January 16th

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 12.20.26 PM

That’s from Laurie Lewis’s website.  I looked because the Boston Bluegrass Union has been ambiguous about the name of the band.  Laurie’s regulars are The Right Hands.  Gerry Katz in his email promotion called this different aggregation, with typical whimsy, The Left Hands.  Whoever wrote the blurb on the BBU’s web page decided to play it safe and just advertise ‘Laurie Lewis and Friends’:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 12.43.10 PM

The tiny photo looks like The Right Hands, but we’ll stick with Laurie Lewis and The Other Hands, who are three-fifths of the Righties, at any rate: long-time partner Tom Rozum, bassist Andrew Conklin, and Laurie herself.  The new two are fiddler Darol Anger, and banjo player Greg Liszt.

We can now go on to discuss the name of the location, once ‘The Museum of Our National Heritage’, then ‘The National Heritage Museum’, and now the unmemorable ‘Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library’ (and Laundromat?).  But instead, let me just remember that in my report on the Joe Val Festival last year, I mentioned Laurie’s set:

. . . Then there was a perfectly luminous set by Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands.  I confess that, while I’ve played Laurie’s music for many years, I have perhaps taken it for granted.  Maybe it’s that the records don’t quite do her justice.  There’s something about a live performance, even from the middle of the auditorium, that can bring an artist into focus.  It just seemed to be a special moment.  I saw Jim Rooney after Laurie’s set, and he clearly felt it, too: “That alone was worth the price of admission,” he said; there might have been a tear in his eye.


Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum (Photo by Hali McGrath, used by permission)

I expect you’ll experience an equally luminous performance on the 16th.  It’ll be worth the trip.  Check out the details on the BBU website, where you can also buy tickets. /CL



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