Off to Virginia—Pre-recorded Show on the 12th

We’re off to visit daughter Sarah and family, taking Amtrak Northeast Regional No. 93 Monday morning, and returning Tuesday the 15th on NER No. 174.  This time I decided to try Business Class, for the alleged greater legroom between seats (called ‘seat pitch’ in the trade—we have the Amtrak Guest Rewards Mastercard, so it just requires more points).  Some years ago I traveled overnight to Washington, DC on a Regional Business Class car, but it had a flat spot on the wheel under me, which made for a restless night, not to mention trying to sleep in a coach seat.  Memo to Amtrak: Bring back the sleepers on the NE Corridor!

So no Country Calendar announcements next week.  You can post them yourselves in the Comments field on the Country Calendar page on this blog, however; see the menu above.

Remember the John Lincoln Wright Memorial Christmas Party Sunday the 13th; see the post below.

And remember to vote for the Ameripolitan Rewards.  See HERE.

Back on the air on the 19th, for the Hillbilly at Harvard Country Christmas Extravaganza: “Four hours of the very best and the very worst of country Christmas music.”  Well, not really the worst; unfortunately major country artists invariably release woefully overproduced pop music for Christmas, which won’t be high on the list.  In our case “the worst” are mainly the silliest.

And Rhonda Vincent has a new Christmas album out, which I just got in the mail.  Four of the songs are Rhonda-penned originals, too.  You know this one won’t be overproduced!/CLRhonda-Christmas Time

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