HA’penings: Wisewater Returns to HAH and Club Passim

b87f5-1428864602385The Wisewater trio (identifed as a duo on their website home page—needs updating!) will be making a return appearance on Hillbilly at Harvard this Saturday (24 October), between 10 and 11 AM (short show: off for football at 11:30) and also at Club Passim in Harvard Square on Monday, the 26th.  We made their acquaintance  HERE  in the spring; their website is HERE. /CL

UPDATE/CORRECTION 25Oct15: Had an enjoyable 45 minutes or so on-air with Kate and Forrest, and learned (among other interesting things, like a forthcoming recording from a new father-son-and-others aggregation called the O’Connor Family Band) that the website is correct: Wisewater is back to being a duo, as erstwhile member Jim (who was also Forrest’s college roomate) has gone back to teaching in Alexandria, VA.  Forrest, if you didn’t hear, by the way, was playing an odd instrument, a bazouki mandolin shaped something like a guitar: it has four pairs of strings, but Forrest left the two lower ones unpaired, giving him guitar-like bass notes.  It seemed quite loud in my headphones.

They did a lovely version of Alan O’Bryant‘s “Those Memories of You,” along a couple of Wisewater originals.  Get out to Club Passim Monday evening for more. /CL

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