HA’pennings: “The Kelley Gibson Story” (Kickstarter Project)

Received this note from Ken Irwin (co-founder of Rounder Records) Thursday to WZBC’s Cousin Kate and me with news about a film documentary on Eric Gibson‘s son Kelley (Eric is of course half of The Gibson Brothers):

Dear Friends,

My apologies if you’ve already seen this inspiring clip about Kelley Gibson, Eric Gibson’s (of the Gibson Brothers) son, who is autistic and is also a very talented musician.

Anyway, the clip tells the tale, and a director has stepped up, who would like to do a documentary about Kelley.

Click HERE to get to the website and play the video clip.

Click HERE to get to the website and play the video clip.

The link to the Kickstarter campaign is below, in case you’d like to contribute and spread the word.  There are only 10 days remaining [ends Sunday, July 5th, at 5 PM EDT].  I don’t know if it’s possible to spread the word on the air but thought it was worth sending along as I know you both run into a lot of people who would have an interest.

I think it’s a really worthwhile cause and the end result, the documentary, should be really interesting and inspiring.

Having met Kelley at a festival last summer, and watching him interact with others and jam with other musicians, I was very impressed and very moved.

Again, sorry if you are already aware of this campaign, and if I’m just being redundant.  Wouldn’t be the first time!



Click HERE for the short video and information about the Kickstarter project.  Ken says to add Marian Leighton Levy‘s name (also Rounder co-founder) as well.  I’ll mention it on the air. Remember, the deadline is July 5th. /CL

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