In Which I Get on Cable TV


Cosmo and I in Studio BC

Cosmo Cavicchio is an engaging fellow who hosts a regular interview program called Cosmo’s Journal, on Billerica Access Television Tuesday evenings (replayed at other times).  He is also a bluegrass bass player, and works with Michelle Canning and her band Rough Edges, when Michelle is in town and performing.  The two of them were in the studio on March 14th, playing live and promoting Michelle’s benefit concert for the Alzheimer’s Foundation.  Afterward, Cosmo invited me up to Billerica for a interview.  I demurred, thinking to myself that driving up to Billerica at the end of the day was not going to be my idea of a fun evening.  So the resourceful Cosmo offered to come down to Cambridge on another Saturday morning, and record an interview in the studio.  How could I refuse?


At the LP records shelves, talking about Joe Val.

Cosmo showed up with videographer (and long-time listener) Gerry Goss, and after the show we chatted ‘on tape’ for a while (it’s not tape any more, of course).  The interview will ‘air’ some Tuesday this month on BATV, available if you are on cable in Billerica.  But it’s also available by streaming over the Internet, whenever you want, wherever you are, via Video on Demand (VOD).

To watch the interview, just click below:

[EDITED 20Nov19 with updated archive link for the show above.]

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