Under the Weather. . .

Weather 2015-04-03 at 9.24.57 PM

From Intellicast

Alas, I am sidelined with yet another bout of what I suppose is ‘the common cold’, except it seems remarkably uncommon to me.  I am a terrible patient.  They say, treat a cold and you’ll get better in a week; don’t treat it, and you’ll get better in seven days.  Well, as I write, it’s Day Five, and I’m giving in and staying home.  Last October, I was struck with one of these malaises, but came in anyway, because I had been out for two weeks traveling to Raleigh and Virginia.  That was the most unpleasant show I can remember.  Not this time!

So no Country Calendar, but I’ll put a few more events on the blog: tell your friends and neighbors to join me here.

And yes, the radar map is right: it’s going to rain tomorrow.  The weather always comes from the West—except when it doesn’t.  That’s all the forecast you need. /CL

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One Response to Under the Weather. . .

  1. Steve Bartlett says:

    Well, there’s your problem: Your Expectations.
    I always heard it was “two weeks,” and “…a fortnight.”
    Keep warm.

    Steve Bartlett

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