Oh Rats! I Forgot The Gibsons!

Back on logo-banner-2014Wednesday (18Mar) I got an email from Ken Irwin at Rounder reminding me that The Gibson Brothers are appearing at Johnny D’s on this coming Wednesday, the 25th.  But I neglected to print it out, so it didn’t make it into the Country Calendar folder, and in the hurly-burly of Saturday’s show, I completely forgot to mention this rare chance to hear the Gibsons in a small club. /CL

Here’s the announcement:

The Gibson Brothers To Perform At Johnny D’s on March 25
New Album Brotherhood  Released on February 24

On Wednesday, March 25, 2015, at 7:30 PM, acclaimed bluegrass band the Gibson Brothers will appear in concert at Johnny D’s, located at 17 Holland Street (Davis Square), Somerville, MA. Tickets are priced at $35.00, and are available from the venue’s website: http://johnnyds.tunestub.com/event.cfm?id=187141. Twisted Pine, a Boston-based bluegrass quintet, will open the show.

The Gibsons’ acclaimed new album, Brotherhood,  a loving homage to the brother duos that have inspired them since childhood, was released on February 24, 2015.
For Brotherhood, Eric and Leigh chose fifteen songs from country, bluegrass, and early rock ‘n’ roll brother acts, including some that will be familiar to most listeners, such as Phil and Don Everly; Charlie and Ira Louvin; Jim and Jesse McReynoldsGibsons-Brotherhood; and Carter and Ralph Stanley. The album also features covers of songs recorded by some lesser-known acts, including the Blue Sky Boys, the Church Brothers, and the York Brothers.

The material is familiar, yet in some ways, Brotherhood is an album of firsts. It’s the Gibson Brothers’ first album on Rounder Records, and their first covers project.

The band, which is led by guitarist Leigh Gibson and banjo player Eric Gibson, also includes longtime band members Mike Barber (bass) and Clayton Campbell (fiddle), and award-winning mandolin player and vocalist Jesse Brock, who joined the group in 2012.

“Suffice to say, if you had to choose to hear only one bluegrass band perform live in your entire life (and what a sad choice that would be — only one!), then this would be the band.” —No Depression

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2 Responses to Oh Rats! I Forgot The Gibsons!

  1. “[ UPDATE 8Jan15] Contributions remain paltry, so I will continue adding some of the email calendar notices I get. Better for you to post your own notices, though; then you’re not relying on me to remember. Just use the Comments box at the bottom. /CL This page is for Country Calendar on-air announcements, though visitors […]”

    What happened here brings the old saying “One can lead a horse to water…” to mind.

    With a registered WordPress account (there are other registry options, too) it is a very simple matter to post a concert notice or make a comment on another’s post.

    I hosted/produced a community radio show for about 1/18 of the time he has done his, so know what goes into preparing for a show, not to mention preparing concert listings.

    CL provides this channel for concert listings and other related news. When promoters, venues and artists fail to do their part and he has to transcribe emailed notices into the blog they have turned him into their water boy. Yes, send concert listings via email, but also do yourselves (and CL) a favor, POST YOUR OWN NEWS in hillbillyatharvard.wordpress.com. In doing so they are more likely to be read on air (your objective) and will cut down his work load.

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