Help for “Internet Radio” Listeners: Here’s the URL

WHRwhrb_logoB has a new and improved website, HERE.  Check out all the new features!

The address hasn’t changed, but apparently it affected “Internet Radio” users.  Yesterday a listener called to say she could access WHRB’s Internet stream and HAH on her computer, but not “On my Internet Radio.”  I guess there has been a change in the necessary URL (Internet address) you need to enter.  So for anyone using some kind of Internet Radio, here is the URL you should use:

Anyone accessing HAH via the stream can of course just click the Listen icon on the new Web page.  Be aware that, because of insane royalty requirements for stations streaming music on the Internet (but not for broadcasting, which royalties remain reasonable), there are a limited number of slots available, so get in early!  /CL

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2 Responses to Help for “Internet Radio” Listeners: Here’s the URL

  1. Ellen Isenstein says:

    I was that “internet radio listener” and 15 months later, I just saw this post. Now, after a long hiatus, I can again listen to your great station in my kitchen on my internet radio. A very belated thank you to whoever made this happen. I am very grateful!

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